Create Your Legacy

father and toddlerAt MedStar Health, we offer a confidential, complimentary estate planning service to associates, friends and community supporters, provided through Thompson & Associates. This service will allow you to consult with estate planning experts who will give you the knowledge and resources you need to explore your options, which you can later discuss with your own estate planning counsel.

Estate planning is important to ensure that you have control over the distribution of your assets after death, rather than leaving those decisions to others. Having a complete estate plan means you have:

  • Considered how to express your values through your estate planning.
  • Written a will and made sure it is current.
  • Designated beneficiaries for your assets.

Is your plan complete?

Could you benefit from a complimentary conversation before finalizing your plan, or from an unbiased and informed second opinion for an existing plan? Our consultant from Thompson & Associates is available to meet with clients associated with MedStar Health two days per month. Meetings can take place at your office or at your phone and are always confidential and private.

Request Information

For more information on how you can schedule a meeting, please contact:

DC Region
Ronni H. Cranwell
Senior Philanthropy Officer
202-444-3611 office
[email protected]

Baltimore Region
Megan Leffner
Senior Philanthropy Officer
443-777-7452 office
[email protected]