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Catch cancer early when it’s most treatable.

Avoiding delays in routine cancer screenings can save lives.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, one out of three U.S. adults is missing their recommended routine cancer screenings. Early detection saves lives. Screening tests can find cancer before it spreads, and when it’s easier to treat.

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Based on guidelines from the American Cancer Society.

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MedStar Health is still a safe place to receive care.

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Risk prevention.

Learn about your risk factors in this downloadable guide.

Trust MedStar Health to provide safe cancer screenings.

We’ve taken extra precautions to continue providing lifesaving cancer screenings in a safe environment. Our facilities are fully operational, offering access to consultations and screenings with nationally recognized experts.

The safety of our patients will always be our top priority.

As the largest healthcare provider in the region, MedStar Health has always focused on providing a safe, clean, and secure environment. Our team members are highly trained in taking all the necessary precautions to protect our patients, their families, and our associates.

Now, we’re taking extra precautions to help you feel at ease during your care. Each member of our team is focused on keeping you and your loved ones safe. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Safe providers: Our physicians, nurses, and other healthcare team members use the proper safety gear to protect themselves and you to keep everyone healthy.
  • Masking: All patients and visitors are expected to wear a mask during their visit, regardless of symptoms. We will provide one for you, if needed.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting: We thoroughly sanitize and disinfect all patient exam, waiting, and procedure rooms multiple times each day.
  • Hand sanitizing: Hand sanitizer dispensing stations are available throughout every facility.
  • Staggered appointments: We are carefully managing our schedules to minimize the number of people coming through our waiting rooms at one time.
  • Screening patients and visitors: We are screening all patients and approved visitors for symptoms at every hospital and medical office location.
  • Physical distancing: While inside our facilities, we’ll help you practice physical distancing with floor markers, signage, and reconfigured waiting areas.

You will never feel socially distant. MedStar Health associates care about you. Our mantra–It’s how we treat people–is what drives us all to do what we do.

All MedStar Health centers are open and fully operational. The innovations we have put in place since the pandemic reached our region reinforce that MedStar Health is still the best and safest place to receive care.

Learn more about cancers we screen for.

Based on current guidelines, we have listed the most common cancer screenings below, including recommended ages for first screening tests and important risk factors to know. Some individuals may need earlier or more frequent screenings depending on their risk factors. This is something you should discuss with your doctor. Learn about your risk factors in this downloadable guide.

Screenings are recommended for all women.

  • Monthly breast self-exams beginning at age 20
  • Breast exam by a medical provider (every three years for women ages 20 to 39 and every year after the age 40)
  • Annual mammograms and breast exams by a medical provider for women ages 40 and older, or younger if at high risk. We offer traditional mammograms as well as 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis. A revolutionary new screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool, 3D mammography is different from traditional mammography in that it takes multiple images of breast tissue versus a single image. This provides a clearer image of breast masses, particularly in women with dense breast tissue, making it easier to detect cancer.

NEW SmartCurve™ Mammography at MedStar Radiology Network provides a curved compression surface that offers a more comfortable patient experience without compromising image quality.

  • Curved surface mirrors breast shape
  • Uniform compression minimizes pressure points and pinching
  • Exceptional image quality with 3D mammography technology

Screenings are recommended for all adults age 45 and older, or younger if at high risk.

  • Colonoscopy every 10 years
  • Fecal occult blood test every year
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years, or
  • Double-contrast barium enema every five years

The early detection of lung cancer makes a significant difference in survivorship. The best weapon against lung cancer is not smoking, but if you do smoke, consider a lung screening. We provide annual low-dose CT screening for smokers, former smokers and other high-risk individuals.

Are you eligible? Click here to take the quiz and find out.

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Cancer screenings save lives.

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