Celebrated Physician Eiman H Nabi MD

Celebrated Physician Eiman H Nabi MD

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It’s no wonder Eiman Nabi, MD, characterizes herself as a“global baby.” Born in India, she grew up in the Middle East, close to her petroleum engineer father’s work assignments. She began her medical education in Qatar and finished up at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. It was then on to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond for a three-year residency in internal medicine, followed by a fellowship in gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition.

The Choice to Pursue Medicine

Dr. Nabi’s career choice, however, was far less circuitous, thanks to the encouragement of her grandmother.

"I was always good in math and science,” Dr. Nabi says, “but having her say that I could become a physician made it seem the right thing for me to do. I would study her medications when I was younger, so in a way, she helped me get an early start on my training.”

Dr. Nabi was equally inspired by her medical school colleagues to choose gastroenterology as a specialty.

“It’s a very balanced field that offers so many ways to help people, from screening for colon cancer to treating GERD and other reflux diseases,” she says. “And here at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, we have the technology and equipment available to perform many highly specialized procedures.”

Specialized Treatments in Gastroenterology

In addition to upper endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy procedures, for example, Dr. Nabi can use video capsule endoscopy to evaluate small bowel lesions—“useful for patients who have anemia,” she says. Dr. Nabi also performs hemorrhoidal banding to help patients with rectal bleeding, while high-resolution esophageal manometry and pH study aid in identifying sources of problems with swallowing and reflux.

Outside the Hospital

Having experienced multiple cultures, Dr. Nabi considers metropolitan Washington ideal for her professional and personal interests. She and her husband enjoy sampling the variety of restaurant cuisines found throughout the area (Afghan kebobs are her favorite), as well as cheering on the area’s sports teams.

“Washington is a nice balance between the environments of New York and Richmond, and convenient to members of both our families,” Dr. Nabi says. “I guess that makes me an ‘East Coast person.’”

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