Sean Hickmans Second Chance

Sean Hickmans Second Chance

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Sean Hickman’s Second Chance

One Serious Accident 

Sean Hickman has been a Washington, D.C., police officer since the fall of 2005. As a police officer, he was familiar with the facilities at MedSTAR Trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Every time he responded to a call that required transportation for a patient, that is where he brought them. “It was a safety net that helped the city, and it was a reliable place that we could depend on in taking care of the people we brought in,” he explains.

While most officers spend their days in patrol cars, Sean found a way to combine two of his greatest loves: his job and his passion for motorcycles. He did his patrols on two wheels instead of four. One day, while responding to a call, Sean was intentionally struck by a hit-and-run driver. He was transported to MedStar Washington Hospital Center. “I was concerned I was going to die,” he says. “Once I got to MedStar, I knew I was going to be okay.”

It wasn’t until after his first surgery that he learned the full extent of his injuries. His whole left side, from the hip down, was essentially shattered.

 An Amazing Second Chance

Over the next three years, Sean underwent 20 surgeries. MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s vascular, trauma, orthopedic, and plastic surgery teams worked together to repair his life-threatening injuries and then save his leg. “Everybody that was in the initial trauma team to everyone thereafter helped to save my life,” he says

Sean returned to his job after one year and 10 months, but he remains at desk duty today. He hopes to recover enough to return to full-time police work.

The progress that Sean has already made allows him to walk short distances today, completely unassisted by crutches or a cane. On July 2, he’ll test his walking ability in front of friends and family as he marries his fiancé who has stood by him throughout his recovery. His injury put their wedding date on hold, but now, he’ll have a second chance to do what would have been impossible three years ago—he’ll walk down the aisle to his bride.

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