Dr. Jessica L. Temple, PsyD

Dr. Jessica L. Temple, PsyD

Dr. Jessica L. Temple, PsyD

Languages: English
Phone: 202-877-1120

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  • Psychology
Conditions I Treat
  • alzheimer's disease
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • dementia
  • depression
  • executive function disorder
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Procedures I Perform
  • behavioral health
  • brain injury rehabilitation
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • coping skills
  • coping with chronic illness
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About the Provider

Jessica Temple, PsyD, ABPN-CN is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. Dr. Temple specializes in neuropsychological assessment and treatment of individuals who have or are experiencing concussion, traumatic brain injury, dementia, stroke, seizures, or other neurologic syndromes.

Neuropsychological evaluations are helpful to answer questions about diagnosis, such as “Is this from a head injury or something else” as well as assist with return to normal life. You may have questions like: “When can I go back to work”?, “Can I start driving again”?, “Can I live by myself”?, “What kind of accommodations do I need at school or work”?, “Am I depressed or just tired”?, “Why can’t I sleep”?, or “Why do I feel so overwhelmed”?

Although physicians can look at scans and images of the brain, pictures do not always show how the brain is working and how the brain has been injured. Neuropsychological evaluations assess different areas of thinking and help your physician and other professionals understand how the different areas and systems of the brain are working. During the evaluation, you will take different tests to look at things such as memory, attention, processing, high-level thinking, and emotional well-being. These are not medicals tests, and will not include blood draws, brain scans, or a physical examination. Although you may feel tired or frustrated during parts of the examination, this passes quickly.

Testing can help identify strengths and weaknesses, assist with diagnosis of a neurological disorder, and guide us toward a therapeutic treatment plan. Your results will help other medical professionals understand what difficulties you may have in everyday life and help develop a plan for getting better.

  • Fellowship Program: Baylor College of Medicine (2015)
  • Internship/Residency: VA Medical Center (2013)
  • Graduate Education: LaSalle University (2013)
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  • 5601 Loch Raven Boulevard
    Baltimore, MD 21239
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