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Preliminary Residents

Preliminary Residents

In addition to the three categorical residents, we also accept six preliminary interns for one year in General Surgery. Our preliminary residents are an important part of our community and are treated as equals in the program. Our philosophy is that all residents care for the same patients and we have the same expectations for excellent care regardless of their ultimate destination in medicine/surgery. We desire to maximize the educational experience and career potential for each of our residents – whether preliminary or categorical.

The primary goal of the program is to produce superior clinical and academic surgeons who are trained in all facets of modern general surgery. Surgical residents are part of the operating team in all cases at our hospital. All residents are afforded a rich operative experience due to the volume and variety of cases that we see. Interns see an average of 80-100 cases during their first year; this includes exposure to central lines, dialysis catheters, I & D, chest tubes, Foley insertion, thoracocentesis and intubation.

The interdisciplinary nature of our conferences enhances the educational experience for the residents, and promotes an appreciation for various views and approaches to surgical problems and issues. Our preliminary residents enter their next program confident in their abilities to matriculate into the fields of anesthesiology, nuclear medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, radiology, orthopaedics and general surgery.

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