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MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

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MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

On behalf of the graduate medical education program directors, faculty, administration and staff - thank you for your interest in MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.

For more than 25 years, our graduate medical education program has addressed primary care. Today, our residency focuses on three concentrations. Our residency programs improve the quality of patient care at MedStar Franklin Square and strengthen its local and national reputation. They are at the core of our identity as a community teaching hospital. In addition, strong, effective residency programs produce many future members of the medical staff. In an era of increasing competition, this is a tremendous asset to our hospital and the community we serve.

We are located in a growth area of eastern Baltimore County, which includes urban, suburban and rural communities, providing residents with valuable exposure to many learning experiences. Members of the faculty have been recruited to MedStar Franklin Square to teach and provide the highest quality of care in their fields in a city renowned for its medical reputation. We operate in an environment where the highest teaching and patient care standards are set for us. We set and meet even higher standards for ourselves. 

We invite you to review the opportunities offered in residency training, to visit our campus, and to speak with our faculty and residents. We believe you will see why we have such pride in our hospital and its residency programs.

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