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A Letter from the Chief Residents

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The Family Medicine Residency Program at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center offers a unique, well-rounded experience that emphasizes teamwork, resident wellness, patient safety and a culture of lifelong learning.

At MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, we embody "Family Medicine" in our patient care as well as interpersonal relationships among the staff. We care for patients in our Family Health Center (a certified Level 3 PCMH), the state-of-the-art hospital across the street, and wherever our patients live— their homes, nursing facilities, and even in hospice care. We care not just for individuals, but often entire families. We take pride in seeing our patients as a part of their family and community.

Our Family Medicine Program ensures that we are receiving excellent training to care for patients on our own. Our supervising physicians are a diverse and well-rounded group of clinicians who support us in co-managing challenging conditions. They give us the support that we need to care for a variety of routine and more complicated patients in different settings. We are encouraged to develop care plans tailored to each individual patient. Our attendings work alongside residents as colleagues, teachers, and friends. We work closely with both pediatric and NICU attendings while providing care to our high volume of newborn patients. We also have affiliations with other hospital systems in the area to further enrich our pediatric inpatient and emergency medicine education.

The resources that are available to us daily in all these settings include a behavioral specialist, pharmacist, social workers, and care coordination team. They help us become more well-rounded providers and allow us to give our patients, especially the more high-risk ones, the attention they need.

Our hospital continues to evolve into a more advanced academic medical center, but at the same time we have maintained the caring nature of a community hospital. Our adult inpatient service is particularly dedicated to providing holistic care to our Family Health Center patients who are hospitalized, which gives us an advantage in further developing the physician-patient relationship. We work with OB/Gyn attendings and midwives in both the obstetric unit and OB triage to acquire the skillset we need. In addition, we follow our own patients throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum—and provide medical care to their expanding families!

Along with meeting the mandated educational requirements, our curriculum also allows you the opportunity to customize your training early in your career at MedStar Franklin Square to focus your studies on a variety of interests. Electives are available in specialties such as sports medicine, obstetrics, research, public health, acute care, geriatrics, or any area of interest of your own choosing.

Our faculty has many creative ways to prepare us for whatever we may encounter once we complete the program. We run specific clinics dedicated to typically challenging areas within Family Medicine such as behavioral health, sports medicine, geriatrics, OMT, women’s health and procedure clinic. During these clinic sessions, we see patients, teach medical students and lead group discussions on relevant management topics. Many of us are involved in our own research or community development projects within our areas of interest.

If you are interested in joining our family, contact us and we can provide you with more information!

Adwoa Adu, M.D.
Sarah Gray, M.D.
Jeremy Parsons, M.D.

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