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Continuity Sessions and Continuity of Care

Our goal is to maximize continuity and access between doctors and their patients. We all agree that continuity is the key to quality of care and satisfaction for doctors and their patients. It is a priority that we set the schedule of continuity sessions for each provider and rarely change it throughout the year. R1s spend one half-day per week in the Family Health Center (FHC), where they develop the ability to manage three to four patients per session. The Residency Review Committee (RRC) requires that Family Medicine residents see 150 patients in their first year. R2s spend two to three half-days each week in the FHC, manage six to eight patients per session and are required by the RRC to see a minimum of 750 visits in their second year. R3s spend three to four half-days each week in the FHC, manage eight to 10 patients per session, and are required by the RRC to see a minimum of 750 visits in their third year. Productivity data (encounters) by provider are posted on the back hall bulletin board, updated monthly, and reviewed with advisors. Because the complexity of the visit is a factor in patient volumes, we also monitor coding data and panel size.

We have collected data on this curriculum for the last two graduating classes, which averaged 2,100 visits over three years.

OB Continuity Patients

Dr. Eli Moreno is the faculty coordinator for the Continuity OB curriculum and the OB fellowship.

  • One of the residents on his or her Family Health Center (FHC) rotation does initial OB teaching visits on Friday mornings, under the guidance of an assigned OB preceptor, always one of our Family Medicine faculty members.
  • The residents are repeatedly evaluated at the conclusion of their OB night float rotations.
  • Residents are required to deliver a minimum of 40 babies, at least 10 of which must be deliveries of their own continuity patients from the FHC.
  • OB chart audit pearls and deliveries are discussed at our Friday weekly OB morning report, which is run by the upper-level covering OB.
  • Electives in OB are available in this and other MedStar hospitals for those interested in maximizing their OB experience.
  • We also offer a one-year OB fellowship that can be taken any time after the R1 year.

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