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Family Medicine Electives

There sometimes seems to be an impossible amount of training to fit into a family medicine residency, despite our department's commitment to making it as flexible as possible. There is flexibility in many of the set rotations, but more than that, residents have six elective months completely open to any experience they would like to create. Having a large number of electives will allow residents to "track" in areas of interest; having the flexibility to place one of these electives in the intern year allows residents to embark on their tracks early in their training.

We are in the process of designing tracks (Sports Medicine, OB, Geriatrics, Rural Ready) to help residents get the experiences they desire. Residents may also use this time do away electives. We are also planning for 1 1/2 medicine subspecialty selectives to be done during the three years of training, as well as a Community Medicine selective, with options such as rural training, Preventive Medicine, or a Health Department rotation. Again, a priority of the curriculum is to allow individuals to tailor their residency to fit their goals upon graduation.

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