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Obstetrics and Gynecology

During the first year, interns function as obstetrical interns for two blocks. This experience helps interns learn basic obstetrics through frequent delivery experiences, circumcisions, and post-partum care. These months prepare residents for their two blocks of Obstetrics over the second and third year, which is a continuity experience managing and delivering pregnant Family Health Center patients.

Unlike the intern rotation, which is on the OB service with OB upper levels and attendings, the upper-level experience is with Family Medicine faculty. The continuity blocks also involve time spent in OB triage, in OB ultrasound, and in self-directed learning experiences with on-line fetal monitoring courses. Many residents consider continuity OB to be the highlight of our residency. Our department continues to grow our OB service, with the goal of all residents exceeding the delivery requirements for graduation. An obstetrical fellowship is also an option with the experience shared between the OB and Family Medicine departments.

During the intern year, the intern on Family Health Centerblock will spend 2 mornings a month participating in a program sponsored by the county called Women's Cancer Protection Program. The intern will perform breast and cervical cancer screening on under-insured and uninsured women. During the second and third years, the residents will spend 2-4 sessions during the Family Health Centerblock participating in Colposcopy and Gyn Procedures clinic. During this time, the resident will do colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, Implanon and IUD insertions. During the third year, the resident will spend 4 weeks rotating in a private OB/Gyn office to further develop his/her understanding and management of more complex women's health issues. We are also using MedStar's Simulation Center to teach Gyn procedural skills.

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