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Practice Management Curriculum

The goal of our practice management curriculum is to prepare our residents for the complexities of "real life" medical practice. In addition to the formal, didactic part of our curriculum, our faculty members frequently offer one-on-one teaching on practice management topics: a preceptor might guide your coding as you see patients; your advisor might offer advice about dealing with difficult staff; or a faculty member might meet with you to go over your CV and cover letter in detail.

Residents also benefit from Family Health Center staff such as a dedicated "chart checkout" person to review charts with residents for billing accuracy, an onsite quality nurse manager, and an ambulatory site electronic medical record consultant for ongoing EMR supervision. The medical director of the largest affiliated MCO (managed care organization) is also an invested educational consultant and works closely with Family Health Center faculty and residents on quality improvement.

Our formal practice management curriculum includes:

  • Monthly 8 am conferences: Interactive lectures taught by our faculty and invited experts. Interactive, simulated coding and billing cases are incorporated into all conferences when relevant.
  • Thursday afternoon conferences: Conferences will cover topics relevant to each year of residency such as billing and coding, insurance issues as they relate to medical practice, office management (scheduling, personnel management, patient flow, documentation), malpractice issues, personal and professional finance management, optimizing the electronic medical record, and job seeking strategies.
  • Performance Improvement: Residents participate in and lead quality improvement projects around specific areas of focus such as diabetes, chronic pain management, asthma and continuity of care. They report metrics on their quality projects at the monthly Performance Improvement staff meeting. The residents have further opportunities to team-build with staff and do future project planning during an annual all-staff retreat every fall.
  • OPS Meetings: During the Family Health Center rotation, residents meet weekly with key office staff to work together to enhance the functioning of the patient care unit. This venue allows the residents to practice skills in personnel management, communication and practice-based learning.
  • Annual Practice Management Seminars: Second-year residents attend an all-day practice management session facilitated by a well-known expert in the field.
  • Subspecialty Ambulatory Rotations: Residents are expected to seek out specific practice management information while rotating through their outpatient subspecialty rotations (ENT, Orthopedics, Urology, etc). From the physicians they can learn when and how to facilitate an appropriate subspecialist referral, efficient management of outpatient flow, and business management strategies, and from the office staff they can learn skills such as chart management, handling of difficult patients and accounting.
  • Required Institutional Seminars: MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center requires all physicians to attend seminars in Coding, Code of Conduct/Compliance, Risk Management and JCAHO preparation, all of which address practice management topics.
  • New for This Year: Residents will now be able to accurately audit their panels using a report builder tool with the EMR.

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