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Surgery and Orthopedics

Residents spend a total of four months working with hospital surgeons, including general surgeons and surgical oncologists, and orthopedists, and these rotations and attendings are rated highly by our residents year after year.

These experiences involve both the outpatient and inpatient evaluation and management of surgical issues, as well as management of postoperative patients in the hospital setting. Procedural training is also prioritized, and residents will have the opportunity to perform large numbers of procedures under specialist supervision. For example, during the Orthopedics rotations, residents become very comfortable with arthrocentesis and joint injections; during the Surgery rotations, excisions and suturing are common.

Residents also spend time in the operating room, where they often serve as first assistant to the surgeon. This is also a time for residents to improve their radiographic skills and refresh their skills in perioperative management of patients.

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