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Department Strengths

Contributed by the chief residents

Family Medicine Specialty Tracks

There is a vast amount of information in Family Medicine, and students going into Family Medicine all have different interests within the specialty. Therefore we have created a curriculum that allows you to tailor your training to your interests. We make sure that the core competencies are covered but we have 8 electives during the residency for you to further explore areas of Family Medicine which particularly interest you. We also have pre-tailored specialty tracks for OB, Preventive Medicine, Rural Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Urgent Care. In the last year, the curriculum was revamped, with one of many objectives being to allow residents more time to invest in Scholarly Activity and personal educational goals.

Women's Health

Four months of obstetrics and a month of gynecology are graduation requirements, but more than that, our program emphasizes an ongoing curriculum for women's health. During the six Family Health Center blocks, there are weekly Gynecology (Colposcopy) clinics designed to teach residents both gynecological procedures and the management of gynecological issues. Weekly conferences during FHC months also provide didactic training. The clinic also receives a grant from the state to provide gynecological care to the uninsured, so visits of this nature are heavily represented in residents' clinic schedules. 

Public Health

Many of our residents bring a strong interest public health. For interested residents, faculty have contacts and hardwired electives in place. We have a Healthcare for the Homeless clinic that is a part of our Department, and which offers a great opportunity to provide care to an underserved population. We also have an affiliation with MedStar St. Mary's Hospital, which gives an opportunity to practice Family Medicine in a rural environment. Of course, residents are encouraged to find and develop their own Public Health experiences as well. Learn more about Healthcare for the Homeless - Baltimore County.


This residency is known for its strong unopposed pediatric training. Our pediatric faculty are a great departmental strength. Including Night Float, residents will spend 5 months covering Inpatient/Emergency Department Pediatrics. Every resident is very comfortable with the newborn nursery and managing IMC-level pediatric patients. More than that, our clinic has a large pediatric population, so nearly half of the patients residents see are children. As evidence of the strength of the training, a number of our residents each year seek out a practice where they can continue to provide inpatient pediatric care. 


Procedural training is definitely a highlight and strength of this residency. Procedures are taught in our Musculoskeletal clinic, Dermatology clinic, Gynecology (Colposcopy) clinic, and, not surprisingly, in Procedure clinic. Training starts in the intern year and continues throughout the residency. An important aspect of this training also occurs in the subspecialty and surgical rotations. For example, during the orthopedics blocks, residents will perform many joint injections. During Surgery, excisions and I & D's will be a daily routine. Interested residents also have been known to rotate through cosmetic clinics during elective time to strengthen their training in these types of office practices.

Scholarly Activity

Our Department considers scholarly activity to be an integral part of residency training. The department has always collaborated with the MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) for added expertise, but over recent years, this curriculum has been further developed and expanded. Now, every year, both residents and faculty write for and win clinical research grants. Every year, the number of residents with publications developed during residency increases. As a department, we believe that taking ownership of clinically relevant research is an important way for primary care to remain relevant, and we are, and plan to continue to be, part of that process.

Resident Life

What drew many of our residents to this program was the collegial atmosphere of our department. People are happy here, and it shows. Of course, residency is work, but residents and faculty seem to have fun doing it. We are all on a first-name basis. Residents relax together, too, and often go out as a group to enjoy Baltimore or local attractions. Baltimore is a fun city with a lot of great neighborhoods to explore. We are also only an hour away from Washington DC, 1.5 hours from Philadelphia, and 3 hours from New York. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are a number of great parks in the area. For sports fans, we have the Orioles and Ravens games, which are always a fun time. Learn more about living in Baltimore.

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