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Movement Disorders Fellowship

Dr. Pagan and Dr. Torres-Yaghi, Movement Disorder Attendings

Program Description 

The Movement Disorders Fellowship (MDF) was established at GUH in July 2005. It is a sub-specialty of Neurology that provides training and experience at a sufficient level for the physician to acquire the competency of a specialist in this field. GUH has the educational resources, faculty and clinical experience to foster a fellowship in movement disorders.

Currently, MDFs are non-accredited. If it moves into an accredited fellowship program, GUH should not have any difficulties in becoming an accredited program, as we clearly have the patient base, interdisciplinary care, multiple movement disorders specialist, movement disorders conferences, botulinium treatment for movement disorders, basic and clinical research and functional neurosurgery options available for our patients.

Two-year fellowships are available to highly qualified individuals at Georgetown University Hospital’s Movement Disorders Center. Training includes diagnosis and treatment in a wide variety of movement disorders, EMG guided botulinum toxin administration, active participation in the DBS surgical program for Parkinson’s disease, tremor and dystonia, intra-operative monitoring, clinical trials, as well as, other research opportunities in both clinical and basic science research.