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Medical Students



Third Year Clerkship

Director: Karen Kim Evans, MD

The Department of Plastic Surgery offers a sub-specialty clerkship for Georgetown University School of Medicine third-year medical students. The student’s time will be divided into two rotations: the MGUH general plastic surgery service and the MGUH limb service. The student will assist residents on the floor, in-clinic, in rounds, in OR cases, and be present at the academic conference. Preparation for all cases is expected. More specific instructions will be given to the student by the chief resident on each service.

Fourth Year Rotations

The Department of Plastic Surgery rotations are generally four weeks in length and can be arranged through the Georgetown School of Medicine for in-house students or through VSAS for visiting students.

Students interested in the plastic surgery residency program that rotate on our electives are encouraged to reach out to our Office of Surgical Education to set up meetings with our program staff. Rotating on the plastic surgery service does not guarantee an interview for the residency program. 

SURP 500: Plastic Surgery Elective (4 weeks)

Director: Stephen Baker, MD, DDS

Description: This fourth-year medical student elective presents an opportunity to learn the nature and scope of plastic surgery, with emphasis on both reconstructive and aesthetic aspects of the field.

Curriculum: During the rotation, the student will spend time in rounds, the OR, and clinic. Students should plan to take call at least once during the rotation, but more time in-house is encouraged to get the full plastic surgery service experience. The student will also participate in academic conference on Thursday mornings, including QI presentations and journal clubs. The student is expected to give a presentation on a topic of his/her choosing in the third or fourth week of the rotation. Additional information and guidance will be given to the student through the chief resident.

Students rotate on the following services as assigned by the chief resident:




MGUH General Plastics

2 weeks

Reconstruction and aesthetics

MGUH Limb Service

1 week

Lower extremity wounds, microsurgery, and abdominal flaps

MWHC General Plastics

1 week

Microsurgery, hand surgery, and wound debridement

Logistics: Up to four students will rotate during each block.


Parking and public transportation are available as well as alternative methods of transportation (for example ride sharing and cycling).


SURP 501 - Reconstructive Surgery of the Lower Extremity, Wound Care Elective (4 weeks)

Director: Karen Kim Evans, MD

Description: The overall objective of the elective is to increase knowledge of and enhance skills of reconstructive plastic surgery of the lower extremity in: an acute care setting, operative room, and outpatient clinical setting. This course provides the student an opportunity to participate in a multi-disciplinary team approach to a complex patient population. In general, the team follows a surgical based approach to achieve maximum function and limb salvage. During the 4 week rotation, the medical student will participate in all aspects of the clinical setting which includes: inpatient consults, outpatient clinic, in and outpatient surgery, and clinical procedures. Our team’s surgical volume is around 1600 cases per year with an average inpatient census of 30 patients. This robust clinical volume will provide the student with an intensive approach to wound healing, flaps, grafts, biomechanically sound amputations, and limb salvage vs. amputation decision-making. The inpatient floor management allows for students to participate in all aspects of patient care including wound dressing changes, understanding medical orders, optimization of blood sugar, working with both infectious disease consultants and hospitalist consultants. Assessment for this elective will be based on faculty observations of clinical skills (80%), and an oral presentation by the student (20%).

Logistics: 2 students per block (GUSOM students only) 


Parking and public transportation are available as well as alternative methods of transportation (for example ride sharing and cycling).


How to Apply to Fourth Year Rotations:

Georgetown University School of Medicine students will register for these courses through the Office of Medical Education.

Visiting students should apply through VSAS, the visiting student application service. The plastic surgery program will begin reviewing applications on VSAS after Match Week and will offer spots on a rolling basis. Visiting students must have scored 220 or higher on USMLE Step 1 to be eligible for this rotation. Offers will be made formally through VSAS. Once an offer is accepted, students will be sent further instructions with information regarding check-in and other administrative items one week before the rotation. The GUSOM fourth year rotation schedule is listed below, although special requests may be accommodated.

Rotation Dates for AY 2019-2020:

Block One: 07/08/19 – 08/04/19: 4 weeks

Block Two: 08/05/19 – 09/01/19: 4 weeks

Block Three: 09/02/19 – 09/29/19: 4 weeks

Block Four: 09/30/19 – 10/27/19: 4 weeks

Block Five: 10/28/19 – 11/24/19: 4 weeks