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Huntington Disease CERC named Center of Excellence

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Feb. 22, 2016
Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to share some exciting news that once again shines a light on the high-quality achievements made possible through the Georgetown University Medical Center-MedStar Georgetown University Hospital collaboration.
We learned this month that the Huntington Disease Care, Education and Research Center at Georgetown is now designated as a “Center of Excellence” by the Huntington Disease Society of America (HDSA). Our center joins the ranks of only 38 others in the nation with this distinction.
This important designation comes within only four years of the center’s opening and reflects the hard work, dedication and high-quality ensemble of professionals dedicated to caring for Huntington disease patients and their families. 
Huntington disease is a hereditary disorder that is, sadly, fatal. As such, treating people with HD requires a skilled clinical team to make an accurate diagnosis and provide comprehensive care for the patients and their families. Under Dr. Karen Anderson’s leadership, and with the support of the neurology and psychiatry departments, the center recruited a talented comprehensive care team. Soon after opening, the center expanded from its base at MedStar Georgetown to two community locations in Maryland and Virginia for the convenience of our affected families. All three locations give patients access to a social worker, neurologist, neuropsychiatrist, neuropsychologist, genetic counselor, speech therapist and occupational therapist, and the opportunity to enroll in clinical trials.
We congratulate Karen and all her colleagues for this outstanding achievement, and we thank the Griffin Foundation for its ongoing support of this collaboration. The Huntington Disease Care, Education and Research Center is an exceptional model for Huntington disease programs across the nation and we are proud to be a HDSA Center of Excellence.
Yours truly,

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Edward Healton, MD, MPH
Executive Vice President, Georgetown University Medical Center
Executive Dean, Georgetown University School of Medicine

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Michael C. Sachtleben
President, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Senior Vice President, MedStar Health