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House Staff Information

Responsibilities of the GME Office

  • Maintaining the Institutional Requirements (common) and Program Requirements (department specific) per the ACGME;
  • Ensuring Duty Hours Requirements per ACGME are followed (mandating duty hours documentation by House Staff)
  • Overseeing internal and external site reviews per ACGME requirements;
  • Developing, signing and maintaining House Staff contracts;
  • Developing, signing and maintaining Affiliation Agreements with rotating institutions;
  • Working with the VPMA to create annual operating and capital budgets for GME programs
  • Managing and entering information in New Innovations database for tracking demographic and program data and for printing necessary reports
  • Working with coordinators to manage appropriate documentation and data collection to file hospital IRIS reports for Medicare
  • Managing any visa issues that may arise with Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs)
  • Serving as liaison with Program Directors to manage any needs related to problem residents, remediation, probation and termination
  • Sending welcome letter and packets after NRMP match in March of each year
  • Managing diploma orders, coordinating date, speakers, functions, correspondence for graduation
  • Developing and coordinating orientation for new residents (mid June) and new fellows (end of July)
  • Preparing policy handbook, printing and distribution; annual updates
  • Managing the needs for the residents lounge and call rooms; communicate with appropriate hospital services to maintain
  • Coordinating the required monthly GMEC meetings and following through on any recommendations (certain points must be covered and monitored per ACGME)
  • Coordinating and leading the monthly residency coordinator meetings;
  • Attending monthly House Staff Association meetings to keep abreast of issues or challenges facing the residents and to help remedy any problems;
  • Serving as advocate and problem solver for anonymous complaints for residents, fellows, interns and student rotators

Training Verifications

Residency and fellowship training verifications should be sent directly to the department in which the training occurred.

  • Internal Medicine: Donna Maxwell, fax 410-554-2184
  • General Surgery: Jeneen Bishop, fax410 261-8085
  • Orthopaedics: Kathy Lind, fax 410-554-4326
  • Hand: Tori Wilson, fax 410-554-4363
  • Ortho fellowships (sports, foot & ankle): Trish Koehler, fax 410-261-8105
  • Endocrinology: Jocelyn Slowey, fax 410-554-6794
  • Pharmacy: Lakesha Kelly, fax 410-554-2230

All requests for verification of nursing education should be sent to Human Resources (phone 410-554-2540).

Requests for training in OB/GYN should be faxed to 410-554-2255.