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Medical Students

Third Year Clerkship

Director: Shimae Fitzgibbons, MD

Assistant Director: Richard Holt, MD, MPH

Clerkship Coordinator: Yodit Yemane

The General Surgery Clerkship is a 6-week block designed to introduce students to the discipline of surgery. Understanding that the majority of students do not plan on becoming general surgeons, the clerkship focuses on exposing students to surgical problems that will equip them with skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors necessary for all physicians.


Fourth Year Rotations

The Department of Surgery offers a selection of rotations for both in-house and visiting students. Rotations are generally four weeks in length and can be arranged through the SOM for in-house students or VSLO for visiting students.

Students interested in the surgery residency program that rotate on our electives are encouraged to reach out to our Office of Surgical Education to set up meetings with our program staff.


SURG 440 – General Surgery Selective Acting Internship (available to GUSOM students only)

Director: Rebecca Evangelista, MD
Coordinator: Yodit Yemane

This Selective Acting Internship is COME-approved and meets the GUSOM requirement for fourth year students. Services are assigned at the discretion of the course director and coordinator.


SURG 451 – Surgical Intensive Care Unit (available to GUSOM students only)

Director: Deepa Lazarous, MD
Coordinator: Yodit Yemane

This rotation is an intensive four-week course in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit with both practical and theoretical basis for critical care in a surgical intensive care unit setting. Fundamentals of Ventilator support, interventional cardiac monitoring, etc. will be reviewed during this elective. In-house call will be every third night and it will be synchronized with the resident call schedule.


SURG 561 – Breast Health Elective in Surgery and Surgical Oncology

Director: Eleni Tousimis, MD
Coordinator: Yodit Yemane

This four-week rotation provides the student with an integrated exposure to the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. Students will improve their fund of knowledge of breast cancer, increase proficiency in cancer risk assessment, and gain exposure to several disciplines involved in cancer diagnosis and treatment including breast surgery, radiation medicine, medical oncology, reconstructive surgery, breast cancer genetics and pathology. Visiting students can apply for this elective via VSAS.


SURT 524 – Understanding the Transplant Patient

Director: Soo Youn Yi, MD
Coordinator: Caroline Johnson

This four-week rotation is designed to give the student a complete understanding of the transplant patient including both anatomic and physiological aspects. Students will acquire working knowledge of metabolic processes through active participation with the transplant team on preservation of transplantable organs. The entire program stresses the scientific approach to problem-solving in general, and specifically as it applies to end stage liver and renal disease. Visiting students can apply for this elective via VSAS.