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Research is an integral component of the training program. Fellows can select from a range of research activities to complement their clinical training and match their personal interests. The division's faculty and researchers from the MedStar Cardiovascular Research Network (MCRN) offer invaluable guidance and support as fellows work to conduct and publish at least one investigation during the course of training. The curriculum allocates one month to research, but fellows can extend this time through electives. Additionally, there is protected time during each rotation for ongoing research activities throughout the year.  Finally, for interested candidates, we offer a fully funded year-long Advanced Heart Failure Research Fellowship.

Fellows are responsible for finding a mentor to guide their research efforts. In many instances, fellows become heavily involved in the research pursuits of their mentor and will remain actively engaged in those activities during their fellowship.

Educational Objectives

  • Obtain a critical understanding of how to conduct research in advanced heart failure
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Critical literature review
  • Protocol development
  • Institutional review board submission and purpose
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Abstract preparation
  • Presentation in scientific forum
  • Preparation of paper for peer review journal submission
  • Develop expertise in a specific area of advanced heart failure
  • Acquire new skills which may have application to the future practice of advanced heart failure
  • Learn to work as part of a research team, which often includes several non-physicians with research expertise
  • Acquire the skills and experience necessary to critically review others' research

Current Studies

  • LVAD Cannula
  • ATTRibute-CM
  • ARRAY-797-301
  • INCREASE 201 AND 202
  • HeartWare DT PASS
  • Momentum 3 PASS
  • DCM Precision Medicine
  • GRAFT Study
  • Momentum 3
  • HeartWare
  • NuPulseCV iVAS