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Required conferences

Hematology management conference (weekly)

Fellows from the Hospital Center and VA Medical Center/George Washington University Hospital present cases on alternate weeks, usually two to three cases per conference. 

Oncology management conference (weekly)

Fellows from the Hospital Center and William Beaumont Army Medical Center/Georgetown present cases on alternate weeks, usually one case per conference. All pertinent imaging studies are presented and pathology slides reviewed. Pertinent literature is reviewed and presented. 

Grand Rounds (weekly)

Nationally and internationally known speakers are invited to give lectures on different topics in medical oncology and hematologic malignancies. This is attended by all of the disciplines of Washington Cancer Institute and also attendings from private practice. It is also viewed by televideo conference to Georgetown.

Lymphoma teleconference/videoconference (monthly)

This is a D.C./Baltimore area-wide televideo conference that serves as a forum for discussion of interesting/challenging lymphoma cases. Multiple institutions rotate presentations.

Coagulation videoconference (monthly)

This is a D.C./Baltimore, area-wide televideo conference where interesting coagulation cases are discussed. Each site takes turns presenting a didactic related to the interesting case that they present. Fellows are exposed to interesting and difficult cases from multiple academic referral institutions.  
Multiple faculty (including nationally recognized experts participate in the conference.

Hematopathology conference (bimonthly)

Rotating faculty, including the hematology attendings and hematopathologists review pathologic slides with normal and abnormal morphology, peripheral blood smears, bone marrow aspirations and biopsies, and lymph node, spleen and liver biopsies. Fellows are in charge of organizing the conference. Pathologic material can be from known active patient cases and/or material referred to hematopathology from outside physicians.

Breast cancer management conference (weekly)

This is a multidisciplinary conference, with a case presentation, review of mammograms, ultrasound, MRI, and other radiologic and pathologic material. Usually two to four patient cases are presented involving all stages of disease. There is input into management and treatment from breast surgery, plastic surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, social work and genetics counseling. The Hem/Onc fellows are encouraged to participate in these discussions. 

Journal Club (bimonthly)

Rotating between hematology and oncology topics, three articles are presented per session by fellows, residents and attendings. Attendings from radiation/oncology, surgery, and palliative care are also invited to present.

ABIM board review (twice a month)

Each session is dedicated to a subspecialty within hematology or oncology. Review questions are discussed. 

Thoracic oncology conference (monthly)

This is substituted for one of the Oncology Patient Management Conferences. This is a multidisciplinary conference attended by thoracic surgery oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pulmonary, radiology and pathology. Usually two to three cases are presented and the radiology and pathology are presented. There is input from surgery, radiation and medical oncology to determine management and treatment.

Oncology joint practice committee (monthly)

This is a multidisciplinary group including physicians, nursing, pharmacy staff, ancillary staff, and hospital administration. The purpose of this meeting is to analyze operational inefficiencies; implement evidence-based best practices; review policies, procedures and standards of care; review patient/employee/physician satisfaction; evaluate patient outcomes and improve patient care and to evaluate and improve support services for Hem/Onc patients. This setting gives the Hem/Onc fellow exposure to the ACGME core competencies, i.e., systems-based practice and practice-based learning.

Common fellowship curriculum conference (monthly)

The Hem/Onc fellows attend this conference along with fellows from other medicine subspecialties Topics that are covered include:  clinical ethics, medicine and society, professional education development, evidence based practice, palliative care and end of life issues, population based studies and medical statistics, research ethics and economic analysis and cost-effectiveness.

Research conference

Second and third year fellows are required to present their ongoing research projects twice yearly. There are also other lectures on research topics.

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