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Career Preparation

Training at MedStar Washington Hospital Center will prepare you for a variety of career options. Here’s some ways in which we prepare you for:

Life as a Hospitalist:

  • Caring for a diverse patient population with multiple medical co-morbidities and common/uncommon illnesses
  • Learning under supervision to provide both triage and code blue responses for the acutely de-compensated patient
  • Working with specialty consultants to gain understanding of how to optimally work with consultants
  • Having ample opportunities to perform procedures from central line placements to paracentesis and lumbar punctures
  • Interacting with employed and private attendings (including Kaiser) for exposure and opportunities after residency
  • Opportunities to network for jobs with local large employers of Hospitalists

 Life as a Primary Care Attending:

  • Continuity clinic over three years helps establish a patient panel to mimic outpatient care in practice
  • Establish relationship with one preceptor for three years, but also work with a variety of attendings in the outpatient arena to see different styles of care
  • Supervision with common outpatient procedures
  • Most in-house specialty clinics under same EMR to facilitate communication with consultants
  • Rotations through specialty clinics and community-based clinics to help build a diverse experience and understanding of outpatient medicine
  • Weekly pre-clinic curriculum and ambulatory morning reports while on ambulatory to learn outpatient medicine topics
  • Four months of dedicated ambulatory with exposure to non-internal medicine specialties such as ophthalmology, ENT (categorical track)
  • Eight months of dedicated outpatient rotations with focus on general medicine, sports, psychiatry and substance abuse (primary care track)
  • Potential to work for MedStar with J1 visa sponsorship

 Life as a Fellow:

  • In-house specialties with ample rotation opportunities in your specialty of choice
  • Interesting pathology and unique presentations of diseases
  • Advanced care referral center especially cardiology, critical care, and cancer patients
  • Having ample opportunities to perform procedures from central line placements to paracentesis and lumbar punctures
  • Individual mentorship with applications and preparing for fellowship interviews
  • Residents are provided coverage to attend all fellowship interviews

Life in Academic Medicine:

  • Opportunity to do a teaching rotation, participating in presentations and teaching large and small groups
  • On-site library and helpful librarians to assist with literature searches
  • Plenty of research opportunities with fellows and faculty. Please see our research section for previous publications by residents.
  • GME provides generous funding for research and research related travel
  • Program allows days off to attend national/local conferences with accepted publications/posters
  • Dedicated research month for those residents who need time to complete a project

Challenging Situations:

  • Practice Management Seminar offered annually to learn about personal finances as well as finding and evaluating practice opportunities after residency
  • Seminars on malpractice prevention and billing/coding
  • Seminars on impaired physicians, managing burnout
  • Seminars to assist with personal statements, letters of intent and CVs


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