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Resident Spotlight

Anjali Ghodasara, PGY2

Medicine was always an easy career choice for me after volunteering for many outreach programs across the world. Born and raised in Maryland, I was thrilled to return close to home for residency. I went to University of Maryland College Park for undergrad and then St. George’s University for medical school.

Residency has truly been an incredible learning experience. I am still amazed how much I have grown both professionally and personally since the beginning of intern year. Each patient encounter and rotation has slowly been shaping me into a more confident and knowledgeable physician.

Future Plans: Moving forward, I am still unsure about my ultimate career plans. I have several electives this year so we will see where it takes me! I am considering hospital medicine, hematology/oncology, infectious disease, or rheumatology.

What I do on a day off: I recently bought a house with my husband in Maryland; therefore, I have been spending a lot of time shopping and decorating. Thankfully, my husband is great with power tools, so he has made all of my DIY projects into reality! I also have a lot of family and friends in the area (and a bunch of nieces and nephews!) so I love spending time with them as well. 

What I love about Washington: The museums. I still have a few more Smithsonian museums left to visit but I am determined to see them all.

What I love about our program: The supportive environment. Co-residents, attendings, chiefs, faculty, etc. are all here for your learning. I always feel like I have someone to talk to or ask for help. Our program is also very responsive to our concerns and continues to look for new ways to improve our training.

Fun fact about myself: My first and only pet was my leopard gecko named Xander

Favorite memory: My intern IMC month with an unbeatable team

Advice to new residents: Take each day at a time. The learning curve is steep, but you will be amazed by your growth. Residency is a time for learning so don’t be afraid to ask questions.  

Previous Spotlights

Majd Raouf, PGY3

I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado but my childhood was spread across in three different countries. I lived most of my life in Amman, Jordan where I graduated from the University of Jordan with an MD in 2015. As I worked on my residency application, I was a medical advisor for the Middle East Children’s Institute in Amman where I cared for underprivileged refugees from Syria and Iraq.

During residency, I have come to make long-life friendships with a bunch of diverse people. I have also come to value the beauty of caring for hundreds of patients each with a unique complexity that tailored for intellectual challenges and opportunity for growth. I have also been given the immense privilege to represent my co-residents in a leadership position as a GME House Staff Association Officer where I gained a diverse understanding of resident wellness, leadership, and the importance of implementing systemic changes.

Future plans: As I launch into the next chapter in my career, I would love to focus on primary care for marginalized communities and individuals living with HIV, hoping to address the health disparities that affect this population.

What I do on my day off: My pet peeve in life is waking up to the sound of an alarm. On my days off, I doze off happily and sleep in. I am also a huge fan of brunches and DC is notoriously known to offer great locations if that is your thing. Before the pandemic, I would always go to my favorite yoga studio in town and sweat it off on my mat hoping to one day get that Yoga Teaching Training certification.

What I love about Washington: I came to Washington DC for the first time back in 2015 for my electives and I immediately fell in love with this cute little city from its beautiful architecture to its diverse population. It is the one city that gave me the courage to explore things I was not comfortable with in the past. Matching into a residency program here in DC was a major treat for me. DC would never fail you whether you are looking for delicious food, good company, history, or nature.

What I love about our program: Our program strives for growth and development. It aims at producing residents who are not afraid of voicing their concerns and who are actively involved in shaping their own training. My co-residents are the essence of making our experience so memorable. They are highly compassionate, hard-working, and are always there if you ever need help as teamwork is deeply embedded in our culture.

Fun fact about myself: I love collecting keychains from all over the world. I have around 50+ keychains and love to display them as each one of them has a unique story.

Favorite memory: Removing a live engorged tick from the back of a nonchalant patient in the ID clinic. It took me a good 10 mins to extract the tic. I was the clinic hero for a week.

Advice to new residents: Always be empathetic towards your patients. You never know what they have been through. My best advice for everyone is to tuck your patients in before you leave. Try your best to not think about work when you are not actively involved in patient care (after working hours, your days off). I would hate to see a resident falling a victim to crippling anxiety and nightmares. One thing I took the habit of was never leaving work without learning at least one new thing about medicine. Also, find your niche outside of medicine, find your counterbalance to the hardships of residency. Always remember that you work really hard and you deserve to play hard, too.

Radhika Arya, MD
Radhika Arya, PGY2

Internal medicine became my specialty of choice quite organically while studying in medical school. I graduated from Kasturba Medical College, located in Manipal, India and matched at Washington Hospital Center! A feeling that still takes a while to sink in.

Over my intern year, maneuvering through the steep learning curve has made me a more mature, confident physician; and I have been lucky to work with a group of residents who have each other’s back and faculty who is supportive and motivating.

Future plans: I am intrigued by infectious diseases, especially in immunocompromised patients and hope to pursue my fellowship in the same after Residency.

What I do on my day off: No day off is complete without a mandatory Target run and listening to mystery podcasts on loop. Getting together with friends for board games and dinner always helps!

What I love about Washington: I continue to be fascinated by the diversity of cultures that exists here, and love binging on different cuisines including Greek, Indian, Ethiopian or Laotian.

What I love about our program:  The vast range of clinical pathology we get exposed to, and the relationship between the faculty and residents. Being able to approach anyone with questions and insights is definitely an added bonus

Fun fact about myself: I love ice cream (way too much!),  always appreciate a dessert with every meal of the day

Favorite memory: Asked by a patient admitted to the hospital to be their Primary care physician

Advice to new residents: Ask questions! As an intern I quickly realized there is never a silly question in medicine, and discussions only make clinical experience more fun.