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Schedules and Call


At MWHC residents cover emergency night call during the first year. Second-year residents cover 20 nights per resident per year. Third-year residents are on stand-by call.  An ophthalmology resident is on duty at MWHC to handle calls until 6:00 p.m. weeknights; thereafter, calls are taken from home by pager.  Depending on the service, severity and volume of cases, calls at all facilities are managed via pager. Call duties at the other rotations, if assigned, vary by institution and by year.

All resident schedules are drawn up by the chief residents and are approved by the program director.

Sample Rotation Schedule

For more information, contact:

Penelope Helfgott
Executive Director
Washington National Eye Center, Inc.
Administrative Program Director
MGUH/MWHC Ophthalmology Residency Program
110 Irving Street, NW, Suite 1A-19
Washington, DC 20010
Phone: 202-877-6159
Email: [email protected]

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