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There are six important Surgical Critical Care educational conferences, summarized below. All conferences, except the ICU Lecture Series, are attended by the Surgical Critical Care faculty. Conference time is protected, and attendance is mandatory.

Critical Care core conference

A monthly conference, moderated by the SCC fellow and an attending, focused on basic science and pathophysiology, as well as clinical aspects of fundamental critical care topics. The fellow prepares a 10-minute informal discussion on one or two of the most pertinent topics of the session. A set of questions is provided for each session, covering the corresponding topics to the assigned textbook chapters.

ICU lecture series

A daily lecture series, consisting of presentations by SCC and MICU faculty, as well as specialists. The first half of each month focuses on mechanical ventilation and sepsis, while the second half of each month rotates on a two-three month schedule of other critical care topics (for example, acute abdomen, bleeding/hemostasis, pulmonary artery catheters, etc.) Fellows receive a syllabus, which includes lecture outlines and three supporting randomized controlled clinical trials or landmark papers for each lecture. A 25 question exam is administered at the end of each month. A 70 percent passing score is mandatory.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held monthly. A fellow and a Critical Care attending act as the moderators. The fellow chooses two to three articles to be discussed on a single topic. Copies of the articles are distributed to the faculty and other fellows one week in advance. The fellow moderator reviews his discussion with the attending prior to the actual Journal Club meeting. The fellow concisely presents the study purpose, methods and results; he or she then discusses and critiques the study. When applicable, pertinent clinical guidelines are reviewed.

Lunch and Learn lecture series

A weekly lecture series delivered by visiting and local experts, SCC faculty and fellows on a variety of cutting-edge critical care topics. Fellows are expected to present four lectures per year. The topics include basic science to bedside fundamentals.

Morbidity and Mortality

A monthly conference attended by students, residents, fellows and attending physicians. Service statistics and trends are presented, followed by presentation by fellows of two interesting morbidity cases with literature review. All unexpected outcomes and mortalities are referred to Practice Committee.

Practice Committee

A monthly forum for discussion of unexpected outcomes and deaths. The fellows attend the conference, but cases are presented and primarily discussed by the faculty. When applicable, pertinent clinical guidelines are reviewed.

Daily educational rounds

The eventual goal for fellows' involvement in rounds is to have them independently lead the multidisciplinary team, with concurrent or later supervision by the Critical Care attending. We adhere to a policy of graded responsibility in a context of appropriate supervision. Initially, fellows will function as part of the team, providing care to a number of assigned patients, and reporting to the attending on rounds. As the fellow gains skill, he/she will begin to lead the rounds on all patients, assigning individual patients to other trainees. Eventually, if he/she demonstrates the ability, he/she will lead rounds independently.


Surgical Critical Care fellows attend the weekly Trauma Mortality and Morbidity Meeting as well as the Department of Surgery Mortality and Morbidity Conference and Surgical Grand Rounds.

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