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CE Mission Statement

CE Mission Statement

MedStar Health’s Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) Program is a unified education platform that drives better patient outcomes through improved performance across all care models, roles and healthcare teams.  The IPCE program supports advancing health through interprofessional education, scholarship and innovation.

In concert with MedStar Health’s commitment to improving the quality and safety of patient care through a focus on team-based interprofessional models of care, the MedStar IPCE program is designed to offer a comprehensive platform of CE activities that promote a standard of practice across the spectrum of MedStar entities—for both the interprofessional team as well as uniprofessional needs for each member of the professional team. MedStar Health’s culture supports life-long learning, where every member of the healthcare team identifies as a learner. 

At the core of MedStar Health’s CE program is quality improvement with an emphasis on patient safety through the development of innovative CE interventions to improve the performance of the healthcare team and patient outcomes.  Through a collaborative process with the MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Patient Safety and through strong partnerships with institutional quality departments, activity planners identify patient safety and quality improvement needs, evaluate best practice vs. current practice and design IPCE activities that address resulting healthcare team gaps. The IPCE program supports learning with, from and about patients by incorporating the patient’s voice in IPCE activities.

As determined by research associated with key MedStar institutes and centers of excellence, the technology, knowledge, best practices and wisdom associated with MedStar Health’s state of the art clinical medicine is shared with other healthcare providers in the United States and worldwide through IPCE activities to improve knowledge, skills, strategies and patient outcomes.

Expected Results

MedStar Health expects the following results for the IPCE Program:

  • Create and plan relevant evidence-based continuing education by and for the healthcare team to improve team skills/strategies, performance and patient outcomes in concert with MedStar Health’s commitment to provide safe and high quality care to communities that MedStar serves.
  • Deliver continuing education in educational formats that provide members of the healthcare team, from two or more professions, opportunities to collaborate and effectively learn with, from and about each other.
  • Measure and analyze continuing education activities using educational outcome measurement (EOM) tools that evaluate change and improvement of healthcare team skills/strategies, performance and patient outcomes.