Nursing at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

Nursing at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is located in White Marsh in eastern Baltimore County. We are a 348-bed, full-service hospital offering inpatient and outpatient clinical services in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, behavioral health, and oncology. In 2018, our nurses managed 24,106 inpatient admissions and more than 85,800 Emergency Department visits as an acute care hospital, with one of the busiest emergency departments in Maryland. Learn more about MedStar Franklin Square.

MedStar Franklin Square has been designated as “Senior Friendly” by NICHE (Nursing Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) for 2019. Our vision is to deliver high-quality care to our older population that is sensitive and unique to their needs.

Nursing Annual Reports (PDF)

About us

MedStar Franklin Square’s staff of 3,225 healthcare professionals includes more than 1,000 RNs, LPNs, care associates, and multifunctional technicians who provide care across the continuum for our patients in the Emergency Department, Critical Care, Intermediate Care, Inpatient, Outpatient/Clinics and Outreach programs. We also employ nursing professional development specialists, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives to provide consultation and resources to the clinical nurses.

The philosophy of the professional nursing staff organization at MedStar Franklin Square is centered on the belief that each professional nurse accepts accountability for the quality of care he or she provides, for continued professional development and for the ethical and legal responsibilities involved in his or her practice. Each professional nurse accepts responsibility for participating in decisions regarding nursing practice and commits to uphold the standards set by this organization, the nursing profession and those bodies that regulate the practice of nursing in the state of Maryland. Click here to learn more about our Nursing Professional Practice Model.

Nursing Vision

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center’s nurses will be seen across the organization as leaders from the bedside to the boardroom, as well as patient advocates and expert clinicians. MedStar Franklin Square will be known in the community as the employer of choice for nurse leaders, recognized for its commitment to the profession of nursing and the delivery of high-quality service to patients. From day-to-day decisions to large, department-wide policy, nursing will champion the mission to meet the needs of our patients, families and the communities we serve.

  • We will create a culture of leadership through continuous development opportunities targeted to meet the strategic needs of the organization and the personal growth desires of our nurses.We will assist and support each nurse to develop and implement an individualized career plan.
  • We are committed to a highly developed and unique orientation for nurses at all levels, reinforcing the philosophy of shared governance, professional accountability, and key concepts and strategies for nurse retention.
  • We will continue to develop a professional practice culture using research and evidence-based studies to guide clinical and administrative practices.
  • We will provide the resources, tools and technology to support nurses as they manage patient care in their unit(s).
  • We will recognize and celebrate creativity and innovation in leadership throughout the organization.
  • We will measure targeted outcomes to assure ongoing success of nurses and identify opportunities for continued improvement.

View our 2017 Nursing Annual Report (PDF).

Staff Satisfaction

MFSMC utilizes the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® for data related to nursing quality indicators, nursing engagement survey data, and patient experience scores.

The nursing engagement survey includes questions from the following seven categories:

  • Autonomy
  • Professional development (education, resources, etc.)
  • Leadership access and responsiveness (includes nursing administration/CNO)
  • Interprofessional relationships (includes all disciplines)
  • Fundamentals of quality nursing care
  • Adequacy of resources and staffing
  • RN-to-RN teamwork and collaboration

The nursing quality indicators measured in the most recent Magnet© document includes:

  • Falls with injury
  • Hospital acquired pressure injuries
  • Central line associated blood stream infections
  • Catheter associated urinary tract infections
  • Smoking cessation core measure
  • Heart Failure 30-day All Cause Readmission Rate primary core measure

Patient experience data included questions from the following nine categories:

  1. Patient engagement/patient-centered care
  2. Care coordination
  3. Safety
  4. Service recovery
  5. Courtesy and respect
  6. Responsiveness
  7. Patient education
  8. Pain
  9. Careful listening

Nursing Professional Practice Model

The MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center (MFSMC) Professional Practice Model (PPM) is reviewed annually by different nursing groups with the distinct purpose of ensuring clinical nurse involvement. The PPM is discussed first by the nursing directors during the review of the strategic plan, and the topics to include in the PPM are then sent to the Magnet Ambassadors Council (MAC) to draft. The MAC then sends the draft to the Nursing Executive Leadership Council (NELC) and then to the Magnet Steering Council. Once input is received by all parties, the MAC members disseminate the approved version of the PPM to all nursing staff members. The approved version is also available to all hospital staff members on StarPort, MFSMC’s intranet.   

The Professional Practice Model includes:

  • Relationship-based care
  • Magnet components: Transformational Leadership, Structural empowerment, Exemplary Professional Practice, and New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements
  • Language of Caring
  • SPIRIT values: Service, Patient First, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork
  • EBP and Research
  • Empirical Outcomes
  • Trusted Leader
  • Advancing Population Health
  • Quality and Safety Culture
  • Interprofessional Collaboration

Nursing Leadership

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center's Nursing Leadership Team will be seen across the organization for its focus on and instilling at culture of leadership development. MedStar Franklin Square will be known in the community as the employer of choice for nurse leaders, recognized for its commitment to the profession of nursing and the delivery of high quality service to patients. From day to day decisions, to large department-wide policy, nursing will champion the mission to meet the needs of our patients, families and the communities we serve.

  • We will create a culture of leadership through continuous development opportunities targeted to meet the strategic needs of the organization and the personal growth desires of our nurse leaders.
  • We will assist and support each leader to develop and implement an individualized career plan.
  • We are committed to a highly developed and unique orientation for nurse managers reinforcing the philosophy of shared governance, professional accountability and key concepts and strategies for nurse retention.
  • We will continue to develop a professional practice culture using research and evidence-based studies to guide clinical and administrative practices.
  • We will provide the resources, tools and technology to support nursing leaders in the management of their unit (s).
  • We will recognize and celebrate creativity and innovation in leadership throughout the organization. We will measure targeted outcomes to assure ongoing success of nursing leadership and to identify opportunities for continued improvement.
  • Debbie Kisner, PhD, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC

    Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
    “It is an honor to practice in and give back to the community where I grew up. MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center has afforded me many opportunities to grow and develop. I took advantage of every one of them. If you are engaged and involved, you will be sought out to participate in many projects. This fueled my passion for nursing. As a leader, I try to give back to the nursing community by tapping individuals on the shoulder and getting them involved when I see something I know they are passionate about.”

    About Debbie

    Debbie Kisner, PhD, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC, has over 35 years of experience as a nurse. She holds an Associate degree from the Community College of Baltimore County – Essex Campus, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Maryland, a Master’s degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD from Kennedy-Western University. She has spent the last 25 years in a variety of nursing leadership roles at MedStar Franklin Square. Her current role is vice president for Nursing Operations, or as she likes to call herself, “CNO Lite”.

    In this role, Debbie works closely with nursing, leadership, physicians, and support services to remove barriers to patient care and improve patient outcomes. She believes in transformational leadership and empowering nurses at all levels to have a voice in decision making that directly influences safety, quality, and nursing practice.

    Debbie believes in hiring exceptional nurses, providing them with a comprehensive orientation, and giving them opportunities for professional growth and development. She is a mentor for both the leadership team and the staff and continually aims to mold future nurse leaders.

    Debbie holds certifications as a Nurse Executive, an Operating Room Nurse, and a Six Sigma Green Belt. She is a member of the Maryland Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE), the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), and the American Nurses Association (ANA).

    Magnet Designation

    One of the most rewarding experiences of her career was achieving Magnet redesignation. “When we achieved our initial designation we got to share our story of excellence with the nursing community," Debbie says. "It was a very proud moment for me. The redesignation was much harder because we had to not only tell our story but back it up with hard data. I was fortunate to take a lead role in the writing of our document and the actual survey. I saw firsthand the dedication and passion of our nurses. It was an experience I deeply treasure and will never forget!”

    Debbie believes Magnet-designated hospitals strive to challenge nurses to grow through specialty certifications, formal and continuing education, and professional development opportunities. She encourages nurses to embrace lifelong learning and apply their knowledge at the bedside.

    “Our highly-engaged nurses are making a difference for our patients through safety, quality, and patient experience,” Debbie says.

    Adopting to Changes in the Healthcare Industry

    In Debbie’s years as a nurse she has seen many changes. Regulatory agencies have become increasing proscriptive around quality and patient experience outcomes; care is provided in many different settings; and technology has grown exponentially, taking a much larger role in daily operations. “When I began practicing as a nurse you had much more time to interact with the patient,” Debbie says. “Now technology has changed that interaction and nurses spend a great deal of time with that technology. In order to best care for our patients we need to combine the high tech with high touch; our patients must be at the center of everything we do.” She believes communication and collaboration are key to ensure the best possible care and outcomes for our patients.

  • Angie Amig, MA, BSN, RN, NE-BC

    Administrative Director, Med/Surg, Oncology

    “I was initially attracted to this hospital because of its Magnet status, signifying to me that it was a hospital highly focused on quality care and nursing excellence. The quality metrics and outcomes are outstanding, the opportunities for growth are abundant, and the relationships that I have made are very rewarding. I am passionate about mentoring new leaders – in my new role as director, I have this ability on a daily basis. I am anxious to continue contributing to a place where patients receive the greatest care and associates call this ‘the best place to work’.”

    About Angie

    Angie Amig, MA, BSN, RN, NE-BC, has over thirty-five years of experience in critical care and emergency nursing. She has spent the last twenty five years in formal leadership positions.
    Before joining MedStar Franklin Square five years ago, Angie was a nurse manager at the University of Maryland Medical System. In the twenty-eight years she was with the system, Angie was responsible for the oversight of multiple departments and was involved in multiple exciting initiatives. Angie was the chair for the Hospital Patient Experience Team, team leader for the initiation of relationship-based care practice model,  team leader for the development of an electronic plan of care, and team leader for the development and implementation of a new Clinical Advancement Program, one of her proudest accomplishments.

    At MedStar Franklin Square, Angie was heavily involved in writing narratives for Magnet re-designation. Angie is currently involved in numerous process improvement teams and holds many leadership positions, including acting as executive sponsor for the Nursing Peer Review Council, Assistant Nurse Manager Council, and the Unit Secretary Council.  

    Angie enjoys helping to build future nurse leaders. “That keeps me focused and coming to work every day, Angie says. “It’s what makes each day rewarding.”

    Professional Interests

    Angie is certified as a nurse executive and has her Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Among the skills that have contributed to her success are her interpersonal skills, ability to connect with people, and helping others achieve their goals.

    Angie is a member of the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), Maryland Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE), American Nurses Association (ANA), and the Society for Critical Care Medicine.

    Advice for nurses

    “Get involved and follow whatever it is that makes you passionate, whether it be in quality or patient care,” Angie advises. “Engagement is what keeps you aware and in touch.”

  • Sharon Bonner, MS, RN-BC

    Director, Clinical Informatics

    "I love being a part of the MedStar Franklin Square family where everyone treats you as family and everyone is willing to help. We always keep our patients first and strive to keep our patients safe. Informatics works to give our bedside clinicians the tools they need, when they need them, to help them provide safe quality care to our patients each and every day.

    I received my undergraduate nursing degree from Towson University back when it was called Towson State University. From there, I immediately began pursuing my Masters in Nursing Baccalaureate Education from the University of Maryland. Being a nurse has opened so many doors in my career from bedside critical care, to classroom education here in Maryland and in Texas, to working with computer systems to advance the electronic Medical Record and data collection.

    I am excited to come to work each and every day to see what new challenges lay ahead and see how we can continue to advance technology to support our bedside care providers. I am grateful everyday to work with such a talented and committed leadership team who always support each other."

    About Sharon

    Sharon Bonner, MS, RN-BC, began her nursing career in 1982 working in the ICU at one of our sister hospitals, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. In 1986, Sharon accepted her first informatics job working with Ferranti Healthcare systems to design the first nursing documentation system. From that point on, her career advanced in many directions always marrying her nursing knowledge with innovation to assist with many different healthcare needs. She worked to create early pay for performance models, as well as early population health compliance strategies in public and private sectors. Sharon also worked to implement many different systems from Labor and Delivery, to laboratory to claims processing, before joining MedStar in advancing documentation in the electronic Medical Record in 2006.

    In 2009, Sharon became the director of clinical informatics at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center and has led projects such as the implementation of online nursing documentation, positive patient ID barcode scanning for medication administration, and specimen collection. She has assisted with the implementation of real time locating systems for associates and equipment, online staff scheduling, and report writing to name a few. Sharon received her ANCC Certification in Nursing Informatics in 2012.

  • Kathy Grzeskiewicz, BSN, RN

    Administrative Director, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine
  • Lynn Petty, MA, RN, NE-BC

    Administrative Director, Nursing Administration, Behavioral Health, Women's and Children's
    "I was attracted to MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center for several reasons: the focus on patient safety, the community feel, the Magnet designation, and the focus on professional development.  The Spirit Values and the vision of being a leader in caring for people are important to me."
    About Lynn

    Lynn Petty MA, BSN, NE-BC, began her nursing career in 1979 after graduating with her BSN from University of Tennessee. Her background has mainly been in critical care.

    Lynn started her nursing career in Knoxville, TN, at the University of Tennessee. She and her husband moved to Maryland in 1981. She came to MedStar Franklin Square in 2014 by way of Mercy Medical Center, St. Joseph Medical Center and Union Hospital, Cecil County. Lynn started her career in Maryland as a staff nurse in the Coronary Care Unit at Mercy Medical Center. She progressed on to become a clinical leader, a nurse manager, and a director of Patient Care Services. She is now the director of Nursing Administration.

    Nursing Philosophy 

    Lynn believes that all nurses are exceptional nurses. It is the responsibility of nursing leadership to provide an environment of guidance and support. All nurses are not alike but each has a gift or a talent which will have a positive impact on patients' experiences.

Our Nursing Units

We're pleased that you'd like to know more about nursing at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center. Our goal as a Magnet Hospital is to provide the highest quality patient-centered care through evidence based practice, nursing research, interdisciplinary collaboration, integrity and ethics, autonomy and accountability. Please explore the areas of interest to you:

  • Emergency Department
  • Tower 1 Med/Surg Renal
  • Tower 2 ICU/T2 Stepdown
  • Tower 3 IMC/Observation
  • Tower 4 Telemetry
  • Tower 5 Med/Surg Pulmonary and Neuro
  • Tower 6 Med/Surg and oncology
  • Psych ED, 2SB, CAPS
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Mother/Baby
  • NICU
  • Perinatology/Womens Health Center
  • Primary Care Center
  • Pain Management
  • Neurology
  • Wound Center
  • OR
  • PACU
  • White Square: Outpatient psych, OB/GYN, Bariatrics
  • Weinburg: AOC, Thoracic Surgery, GYN oncology, UroGYN
  • Endocrinology
  • Dundalk OB/GYN
  • Towson GI
  • Oncology at Loch Raven
  • Honeygo OB
  • Perry Hall Pediatrics
  • Bel Air: Oncology, Breast Center, OB/GYN

Nursing Professional Practice Model

Why work at MedStar Franklin Square?

MedStar Franklin Square is the largest employer in eastern Baltimore County and the third busiest hospital in central Maryland. We are one of the largest Emergency Department’s in the state caring for patients in Maryland. To become part of our team, check out our current job openings.

We offer:

  • Competitive Salaries - To augment your base salary we also offer evening, night and weekend differentials, extra shift bonus, Call-back bonus, preceptor bonus, Charge nurse pay, and Professional Nursing Ladder with five steps
  • Scheduling Flexibility
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Hospital-Sponsored Educational AdvancementAuxiliary Nursing Scholarship in Honor of Marlene Cochran Fund
  • Breastfeeding Suites - Contact the Lactation Resource Center at 443-777-7427 with any questions.


The benefits offered at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center include a comprehensively designed package that provides support to nurses and their families. Our Total Rewards package is one of the most competitive in the region and most flexible for our staff. Staff nurses, through the Nursing Retention and Recruitment Council, provide input and keep us focused on strategies to reward, recognize, retain and recruit talented nurses.

  • No shift rotation
  • Opportunity to participate in shared governance councils
  • Online access to Nursing Spectrum CE Direct at no cost
  • Online ability to pick up extra shifts through "Square Shifts"
  • Flexible, unit-based self-scheduling
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Tax deferred savings plan - 403b
  • Short- and long-term disability
  • Six paid holidays per year
  • Three personal holidays a year
  • Free parking
  • Flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Direct deposit

Nursing Education and Career Development

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center's dynamic orientation team takes ownership and pride in its commitment to provide a program that offers the opportunity for professional growth and development for all our newly hired nurses.

We provide you with ongoing mentorship from orientation specialists and/or preceptors selected according to your needs and experience. After a two-day general hospital and a four-day general nursing orientation, newly hired nurses begin work in their clinical areas along side their preceptor. The orientation experience integrates application of clinical knowledge with psychomotor skills competencies, enhancement of clinical knowledge, computer-assisted learning, bedside care and patient assignments. We also include other opportunities to spend share days or observation time in other units or ancillary departments to better understand the continuum of care, to develop collaborative relationships among members of the interdisciplinary care team and to optimize the quality of our patient care delivery.

Opportunities for Professional Growth and Development include:

  • Certifications - we provide financial and educational support for professional certification and recertification
  • Nursing Externship
  • Vizient Nurse Residency Program
  • Professional Nursing Ladder
  • Nursing Grand Rounds
  • Nursing Spectrum CE Direct

For Schools of Nursing

Nursing Student Clinical and Practicum Information

Welcome to MedStar Health and MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center!

Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center is proud to have affiliation agreements with local and online colleges and universities. Student placements are delegated to the Nursing Administration Office and the Nursing Clinical Coordinator. Our goal is to provide nursing students with an excellent learning experience while providing our patients with safe, competent care. Please review our Nursing Students and Faculty Policy found here.

Our goal is to provide nursing students with an excellent learning experience while providing our patients with safe, competent care.

Service Excellence is a part of the MedStar Franklin Square culture. Our Spirit Standards (pdf) explain our service requirements for associates and those who care for our patients. Please read our spirit standards as our expectation is that students will adhere to these standards while caring for our patients.

Please contact Thomas Maykrantz at or 443-777-7006 for any questions or concerns including required documentation prior to the start of all clinical and practicum placements.

About Magnet Designation

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is proud to be a Magnet designated hospital. The four-year designation for excellence in nursing services from the American Nurses Credentialing Center's (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program® was first achieved in November 2008. In 2018, MedStar Franklin Square was redesignated with this recognition for nursing excellence, making it MedStar Franklin's third designation.  

The Magnet Recognition Program recognizes health care organizations that demonstrate excellence in nursing practice and adherence to national standards for the organization and delivery of nursing services. Applicant hospitals undergo a rigorous evaluation that includes written documentation demonstrating excellence in nursing practice and clinical outcomes, as well as an extensive interviews and on-site review of nursing services validating organizational excellence.

Magnet recognition is a performance-driven recognition for:

  • Quality patient care
  • Nursing excellence
  • Innovation in professional nursing practice

Only 6% of U.S. hospitals earn this designation and MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is one of them!

History of our Journey to Magnet

Franklin Square Hospital was one of 41 U.S. hospitals identified in 1981 as having the characteristics of magnetism in the original study, Magnet Hospitals: Attraction and Retention of Professional Nurses, published by the American Academy of Nursing in 1983 (McClure et al., 1983). It was appropriate that we recapture this spirit and seek formal designation as a Magnet hospital.

We adopted the Forces of Magnetism as our framework for professional practice. These rigorous standards guided our strategic decisions as we created a work environment worthy of Magnet recognition. Conferred by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, magnet is the highest level of recognition a hospital can achieve for excellence in nursing; it requires us to continuously examine our culture and infrastructure and demonstrate that we meet rigorous standards.

The Model for Magnet

Transformational Leadership

  • Visionary, inspiring, strategic and engaged nursing leaders at all levels

Structural Empowerment

  • Access to information, resources and support
  • Direct care nurse opportunity to take advantage of these
  • Shared decision-making structure that empowers the direct care nurse

Exemplary Professional Practice

  • Competitive salaries; Creative, flexible staffing
  • Nurses are accountable for coordination of care, and practice autonomously
  • Strong community and interdisciplinary partnerships

New Knowledge and Innovation

  • Nursing practice is based on evidence
  • Nursing science, learning and discovery is advanced through research
  • Magnet hospitals mentor other hospitals

Empirical Outcomes

  • Clinical outcomes and satisfaction with care are measured and benchmarked
  • Nursing research is published and disseminated