Standard Flu Shot No Longer Best Option for Seniors

Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine Proven 24 Percent More Effective

MedStar Visiting Nurse-9371-2ELKRIDGE, MD (September 11, 2014) – For the past four years, adults over the age of 65 could choose between the standard seasonal influenza vaccine and a higher-dose version of the annual flu vaccine. Many seniors and healthcare providers expressed apprehension over whether the high dose option actually offered better immunity against the flu. A new study, recently published by The New England Journal of Medicine, concluded that the Fluzone High-Dose vaccine induced a significantly higher antibody response and provided 24 percent more effectiveness at preventing influenza in adults, when compared with the traditional vaccine.

“We are very pleased that we can share this positive data with the thousands of seniors we vaccinate in preparation for flu season,” says Ashley McFarland, manager of MedStar Health Home Care’s Immunization and Wellness Program, which vaccinates over 11,000 community members each year. “Our customers often ask our nurses which vaccine is better or what they should choose. Now, our nurses can share the conclusive results of this study.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone over six months of age receive the flu shot each year. Medicare beneficiaries can receive either the high-dose or the traditional vaccine with no out-of-pocket costs.

For more information about the Fluzone High-Dose vaccine, visit the CDC website: 

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