MedStar Health Home Care Therapist Saves Baby’s Life Along Roadway

CALVERTON, MD (October 19, 2016) – Last week, a speech and language pathologist (SLP) from MedStar Health Home Care’s D.C. agency was driving between patient visits when she saw a woman screaming in distress. The woman yelled, “My baby is not breathing,” and she pointed to the ground. Froso Andreou, a MedStar Health Home Care SLP, immediately pulled over her car and jumped out to help.

She found a 16-month-old baby lying in the grass in front of the home. The child was cold and not breathing. Andreou told a bystander to call 911. She checked the child’s airway and started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). After a minute or more of CPR, the baby started to cry. When Andreou recalls that moment, she says the sound was, “the best cry of my life.”

Andreou waited with the baby and the woman, who was the child’s caregiver, until emergency medical services arrived. When looking back on what happened, Andreou says, “I can’t believe the baby is alive.” As a speech therapist for adults, she admits, “I never thought I would need to perform infant CPR.”

A few days after the incident, she met the parents at their home to check on the child. During the visit, the baby’s mother called Andreou the baby’s angel. But, Andreou disagrees; she says, “That baby is my angel. I just did what everyone should do.”

According to MedStar Health Home Care President Traci Anderson, “Andreou saved this infant’s life because of her quick thinking and attention to her surroundings. She did not have to stop her car, yet she saw a woman in distress and decided to help. I am always impressed by the great lengths our homecare clinicians go to help our patients. This clinician cares so much that she pulled over to help a stranger. Her bravery and compassion are simply exemplary.”

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