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Patient Rights

MedStar Health Home Care respects your right to be involved in your own care. As our patient, you and your caregiver have the right to:

  1. Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect without regard to age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, religion, economic status, political beliefs, or diagnosis.
  2. Get information in a language and form you understand.*
  3. Be involved in your home healthcare plan. This includes the likely outcome, visit frequency and planned changes in care or treatment.
  4. Know the names, titles and qualifications of those giving care.
  5. Know the person managing your care and how to reach that person.
  6. Have your belongings treated with respect.
  7. Keep your personal and health information private.
  8. Refuse treatment, services or medicines.
  9. Make decisions about your medical care and know the results of your choices.
  10. Take part in planning your transfer to another healthcare provider or being discharged from our care.
  11. Know ahead of time the date your homecare services will end.
  12. Voice a complaint or other feedback without fear that the company will turn against you. The complaint or feedback can be in writing, on the phone or in person. You have the right to a timely response.
  13. Be free from mental, physical, sexual, or verbal harm and neglect.
  14. Know the insurance plan covering homecare services, the cost of care and who is being billed.
  15. Receive written notice of changes in payment source or coverage within 30 days of MedStar Health Home Care becoming aware.
  16. Request a written statement or bill of services provided, including date of service and cost.
  17. Get a written notice of MedStar Health Home Care’s policy on uncompensated care.
  18. Request information on the identity of contracted healthcare professionals as they relate to your home healthcare.
  19. Request a receipt and timely look into written complaints.
  20. Decline involvement in research, clinical trial and investigational or experimental studies.


*Language Translation and Sign Language Interpretation

MedStar Health Home Care recognizes how important it is to communicate with patients in a language and form they understand. If one of our patients does not speak English as a first language, a homecare team member will contact our language translation services partner. A professional translator will provide services over the phone during the homecare visit to help our team member communicate effectively with the patient. We also partner with a professional sign language interpretation agency. This agency provides services in person, or via remote video conferencing technology, during home visits with hearing impaired patients. Communicating effectively with our patients ensures we give them the best care and service possible.