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Frances James

Frances James, MSW – Central Maryland

Frances TestimonialFrances James has been with MedStar Health Home Care for almost six years. As a medical social worker, Frances travels to patients’ homes to ensure they have all the resources they need and are living in a safe space. Her position involves a lot of troubleshooting when assessing new patients.

With a commitment to providing patients everything they need to live safely, she highlights her appreciation for MedStar’s Quality of Life Fund, calling it “a lifesaver.” The fund, which employees can donate to, is available for clinicians’ use when a patient needs equipment such as a shower chair or hearing device.

“I love that every home visit is a new experience for me because there’s always that mystery when walking into a new patient’s home. I also really enjoy the flexibility of homecare with MedStar and knowing that people are available at the office to help ‘just in case.’ The individuals at MedStar Health Home Care are very accommodating when you need help and everyone is always working together for the common goal of keeping patients out of the hospital. Teamwork really makes a difference.”