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Landon Ingram

Landon Ingram, PT – Washington, D.C.

Testimonial_LandonLandon Ingram has worked as a physical therapist with MedStar Health Home Care for a year and a half. On a daily basis, he helps homebound patients gain confidence and independence in their homes by teaching them different balance and rehabilitation activities.

These activities include helping patients learn how to transition from sitting to standing, properly change direction while walking, and find better methods of getting in and out of bed. According to Landon, being with MedStar Health Home Care has allowed him to gain confidence in his abilities as a therapist and caregiver.

“I love working one-on-one with patients. It gives me the opportunity to focus on them and know that what I am doing is really helping them, unlike other environments where it’s easy to feel pulled in different directions. Plus, I love forming friendships with the different generations of people I treat and being able to learn different things about life from them. It makes it fun to leave the house each morning—to interact with very unique and loving people that are excited for you to show up at their houses.”