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Phyllis Norville

Phyllis Norville, RN, Lead Clinical Consultant – Washington, D.C.

Testimonial_PhyliisPhyllis Norville has worked with MedStar for nearly 29 years and has been with MedStar Health Home Care since 2006. As a homecare consultant, Phyllis travels among different MedStar hospitals to coordinate the forthcoming needs for patients about to be discharged.

She works closely with case management representatives to ensure patients will receive needed wound treatment, antibiotics, and other services when they are taken under MedStar Health Home Care care. She says her favorite part of working at MedStar Health Home Care is the diversity of the organization and the patients.

“I love encountering different people from different cultures and learning new things from patients every day. And my team—they’re the best set of coworkers. Even on a bad day where I’m not feeling my best, I still look forward to going to work. I love it. Working here is like working with family. Everyone I encounter is nice and welcoming, and it has been so easy to build relationships with people. MedStar Health Home Care supports you, overall, in your life with benefits like career advancement and tuition reimbursement. I just feel so connected here and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”