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Wilhemina Mason

Wilhemina Mason, RN, Care Manager – Suburban Maryland

Wilhemina MasonMason has been with MedStar Health Home Care for a little over eight years. As a case manager, she works to provide safe and effective care to assigned patients to promote health and well-being and to help them achieve desirable outcomes. She is responsible for everything from comprehensive skilled nursing assessments, medication reconciliation and teaching, wound care/treatments, central line care and home health aide supervision to chart/peer reviews and patient and caregiver education. Mason also communicates with physicians by updating them on patients’ statuses and making changes to treatment plans as needed to meet defined goals.

“I appreciate working with MedStar Health Home Care so much because of our mission to put patients’ safety first. We all work together toward one common goal and help each other along the way. I’m currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Nursing program to advance my career within MedStar because I want to continue my journey with MedStar Health Home Care. Having a supportive team and knowing that MedStar Health Home Care holds the SPIRIT values high creates a unique environment where employees are acknowledged for their hard work.”