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After-Hours Care and Support

With the support of MedStar Health Home Care's After Hours team, our company serves our patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For patients who are under our care, the After Hours team offers support and direction when most home healthcare agencies would be closed.

Evening and Nighttime Support

Our home healthcare professionals teach patients and their loved ones to care for their needs independently at home. However, many home healthcare patients are still very sick. Sometimes strange symptoms, pain or major concerns come up in the evening hours. When this happens, After Hours team members are available to offer appropriate guidance.

Reasons that our patients and their loved ones call the After Hours Team:

  • New pain or pain that is worse than usual
  • Cough that is worse; cannot breathe well when lying flat
  • Fall with or without injury
  • Feet, ankles or legs are swollen
  • Black, dark or bloody bowel movement
  • No colostomy output in 24 hours; no ileostomy output in four hours
  • Urinary catheter leaking or not draining
  • Change in wound drainage, color, odor or increased pain
  • Increase in redness, warmth or pain at IV site
  • Fever over 101 degrees
  • Difficulty with IV site or drug administration

Weekend Visits

If a patient is well enough to return home from the hospital, it does not matter what day of the week it is. Nurses and therapists from our After Hours team visit patients' homes on Saturday and Sunday. This is especially helpful to patients who are discharged from the hospital on a Friday afternoon. A visit during the weekend will ensure that the patient can heal safely at home. It also gives patients and their loved ones the opportunity to ask questions that may not have been answered at the hospital. After Hours team members make sure patients have the medications they need, that they understand their discharge instructions, and that the home environment is a safe place.

Holiday Visits

Our home healthcare experts also make visits to patients' homes on holidays when necessary. We are dedicated to being where our patients need us, whenever they need us most.

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