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Grocery Shopping Tips

Use the grocery shopping tips below the next time you go grocery shopping.

Good to buy

Fill your basket with low-sodium foods:

  • Fresh, canned or frozen fruits, juices or low sodium canned juices
  • Fresh or frozen vegetables or unsalted canned vegetables
  • Tea, coffee, frozen concentrate or fresh lemonade
  • Canola, olive, corn, cottonseed, peanut, safflower, soybean or sunflower oil
  • Low-sodium salad dressing or mayonnaise
  • Unsalted margarine or butter
  • Flavors and sauces: Unsalted tomato sauce or tomatoes, vinegar or water chestnuts
  • Seasonings: Corn starch, tapioca, fresh or dried herbs, salt-free seasonings, regular flour, fresh garlic or ginger, low-sodium baking powder, onion or garlic powder, yeast, carob powder, cocoa powder or flavored gelatins
  • Frozen juice bars, fruit ice, sorbet, sherbet, sugar, honey, molasses, syrups, jelly, jams, preserves or apple butter
  • Snacks: Graham and animal crackers, fig bars, ginger snaps, melba toast, matzo crackers and popcorn without salt or fat
  • Fresh or frozen fish, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, pork or lamb that is not breaded
  • Dried beans, peas, lentils, unsalted or dry roasted nuts or seeds, unsalted peanut butter and tofu
  • Bread products: Loaf bread slices and yeast rolls (limit three per day), homemade bread with regular flour, pita bread, taco shell (unsalted), tortilla, wheat germ, puffed rice or wheat, shredded wheat (limit one cup/day) and pasta
  • Cooked cereals: Corn grits, farina, oatmeal, oat bran, cream of rice, cream of wheat (do not use the instant variety)

What NOT to buy

Stay away from high-sodium foods like:

  • Salted canned vegetables and sauerkraut
  • Self-rising flour and corn meal
  • Boxed mixes, such as pancake, muffin, pudding, cake or pie mixes
  • Buttermilk, canned milk, egg substitute (limit to one half cup/day), eggnog, salted butter or margarine
  • Bouillon, canned broth, dry soup mixes and canned soups (even low sodium ones)
  • Canned meats, canned fish, cured meats, all types of sausage, sandwich meats, peanut butter and salted nuts
  • Store bought pies, cakes, muffins or pastries
  • Pre-seasoned mixes for tacos, spaghetti, chili and coating mixes
  • Pre-seasoned convenience foods - ready to heat and eat
  • Canned tomato sauce or juice unless it's the unsalted kind
  • Baking soda or baking powder, unless it is low sodium
  • Olives, pickles, pretzels, chips and skins
  • Salty sauces: Soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and cooking wine
  • Salty spices: Light salt, seasoning salt, sea salt, meat tenderizer, garlic salt, MSG,celery salt, onion salt or lemon pepper
  • Gatorade or athletic drinks

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