Yasmin Yusuf, MHA
Yasmine Yusuf

Yasmin Yusuf, MHA

Administrator, Center for Patient Safety & Quality Improvement, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Yasmin Yusuf is Administrator for the Center for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH). She holds a BS degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Health Care Administration and Policy, with a concentration in Patient Safety and Quality from George Mason University.

In her role as Administrator, Yasmin serves as an integral part of the MGUH Go Team by conducting event reviews, strategizing action items, and sharing lessons learned from safety-related events. Yasmin assisted in the development and manages the Quality & Safety Resident Elective Rotation. Yasmin also serves as the administrative lead for the Care for the Caregiver program, Patient Communication Consult Service, and Safety Coach Program.

Additionally, Yasmin serves as the Steering Committee member of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Patient & Family Advisory Council for Quality & Safety (PFACQS), as well as the NICU PFACQS.

Yasmin has joined MIQS as Associate Faculty for the Center for Integrated Healthcare Learning.