Barbara B. Mittleman, MD is Vice President, Clinical and Head, Immunology at Nodality, Inc., a southern San Francisco biotechnology company focused on multi-parametric flow cytometry for diagnosis and drug development support. 

Before joining Nodality, Dr. Mittleman served as Director of the Public-Private Partnership Program at the NIH, developing an agency-wide approach to partnering with public, private, advocacy and other organizations to meet NIH’s biomedical research mission. In this role she interacted with U.S. and global organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, IT, electronics and other industries; patient and public advocacy groups; and U.S. and other government agencies  in the development of policy, negotiation of partnerships and implementation of programs and activities. 

Dr. Mittleman is a trained rheumatologist and cellular immunologist. She received her BA and MD, as well as completed her residency and fellowship training at the University of Pittsburgh. She came to the National Institutes of Health in 1991 for post-doctoral training in cellular immunology. Dr. Mittleman’s research efforts have included work on the cellular immune mechanisms of murine and human SLE, and pediatric post-streptococcal neuropsychiatric disease; health disparities in the rheumatic diseases; and principles and structures of cross-sectoral partnerships.