Environmental Rounding Data System ERDS

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The Joint Commission requires healthcare organizations to monitor the environment of care for potential hazards and issues that could adversely affect patient care and the health and safety of visitors, staff and the community. Identifying environmental deficiencies is only the first step. It is necessary to facilitate a process to ensure deficiencies are tracked, corrected, and accountability is assigned to those responsible for deficiency resolution. There should also be a method to track and trend these deficiencies to ensure these issues do not repeat in the future. The Joint Commission requires a closed-loop process for monitoring the environment of care.

Understanding these requirements and the broad scope of the task brought to light the need for a systematic method to facilitate the process.


To meet the Joint Commission requirement for conducting risk assessments on the environment of care a Microsoft Access Database was created to coordinate, organize, track and hold ourselves accountable to ensure a healthy and safe environment. The system is a simple design graphic user interface which allows those with minimal computer skills to manage any deficiencies in the environment of care. The system is built with flexibility so it can be customized for various locations and changes in our environment. The system also has one-click reports the can easily be emailed in a PDF format.


Microsoft Access Database.
Please contact the Minnovations Team (minnovations@medstar.net) if you are interested in using this MInnovation at your facility.

Meet the MInnovator
Michael Feist, MS, CHEP
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

Michael Feist, Director of Integrated Support Services for MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, has worked in the field of operational health and safety for over 20 years. Michael holds a Masters degree in Management for Notre Dame of Maryland University and is working toward his PhD. In addition to Michael’s operational responsibility over safety, security, environmental services, operators and parking, he is Program Administrator for the Hospital Policy System as well as the Chair of the Hospital Sustainability Committee and Environment of Care Committees.

If you could have any job (President, astronaut, etc.), what would it be?
Michael: President of College, to assist in the facilitation of transforming our educational system to a system that provides greater educational access and is more proactively inclusive of our country’s diverse population.

What’s the one thing you work on that makes you crazy?
Michael: The constantly changing Government Regulatory Compliance, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) make it difficult to maintain consistency in our policies and procedures. It seems that as soon as your implement a change in a regulation, there's another thrown at you. Refining regulations is necessary to ensure safety but introduces a layer of complexity to our jobs.

What was your first job?
Michael: Sales Person for a department store.

What is your favorite “As seen on TV” infomercial product?
Michael: Flex Seal or Flex Tape

What do you geek out about?
Michael: Finding ways to utilize new technology to improve quality, save time, eliminate waste.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Michael: TED talks, NPR, and my continuing self-development through the pursuit of my PhD.

What do you hope happens when your MInnovations is used by others?
Michael: I hope my Database MInnovation helps healthcare organizations improve environmental safety and quality by tracking, trending and resolving environmental deficiencies ultimately leading to a world class environment for patient care.