Medication Organizer

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Pharmacy will send multiple medications through the tube system at one time.  Nurses will collect all of the medications and place them in the medication room in a pile on the counter.  Retrieving your medication means checking each and every medication that may resemble the desired medication.  This can also lead to medications falling on the floor or getting lost behind other items on the counter.


An inexpensive organizer labeled with each room can be used to organize medications.  A nurse can retrieve all of the medications from the tube system, take the medications to the medication room as normal, but then sort the medications by room number.  This can serve as a second check point to ensure that the right medication goes to the right room.  Nurses retrieving medications from the organizer are reminded to check that the medication is correct and not simply assume it was sorted correctly.


A Small Parts Organizer or Craft Cabinet

Meet the MInnovator
Karen Murdy, RN
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
While this MInnovation is employed in many departments, Karen Murdy brought it to our attention. The MInnovations team will work to have this available in all units. Karen worked in the Health Insurance field for over 17 years, analyzing and processing medical, dental and vision claims and currently works Franklin Square Hospital in Tower-3 Intermediate Care department. Karen is passionate about the healthcare of people and contributing to their well-being.