Mari Fujimoto

Dr. Fujimoto is a certified pharmacy technician at the MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital and recently joined the MedStar National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare. She holds a Japanese pharmacist license, a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy from universities in Japan. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Global Health Epidemiology and Disease Control at George Washington University. She provides her knowledge, global pharmacy experience, and end-user perceptions about the latest pharmacy information and technology, such as an automated medication dispensing system and a gravimetric-based Intravenous infusion workflow management system. Her contributions for annotations, detailed descriptions of patient safety event reports, and interpretations of medical terminology support data scientists to build statistic algorithms for the detection of specific patterns in medication/vaccine-related events under different circumstances and groups as a global health and human factors intervention. Before coming to the US, she received education and training as a clinical pharmacist and worked as an assistant professor at a pharmacy school in Japan for research and education. In the US, she has been trained in the American health care system, hazardous medicine regulations, and medication ordering systems. She also gained clinical pharmacy insights in medication-related errors and has strong interests in the causes and mechanisms of how those incidents occur during the ordering, dispensing, and administration phases in both inpatient and outpatient pharmacy settings. In her MPH program, she focuses on epidemiological study design, SAS® programming for data analysis, improving access to essential medicines for disease control in developing countries, and health equity research. She worked for two years at the second largest national hospital in Tanzania to improve pharmaceutical services and education, and reproductive health in communities as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, a program similar to the US Peace Corps.