Varvara Vasilchenko

Mx. Vasilchenko is a Research Analyst at the MedStar Center of Human Factors in Healthcare. They hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Linguistics from the University of Maryland, College Park. Mx. Vasilchenko has a background in big data analysis, algorithm development, and complex database query design. They additionally have experience with developing machine learning models and utilizing natural language processing techniques to gather insight from natural language data. They have previously worked with clients to design intuitive data visualizations and software user interfaces. They currently support multiple projects as a research analyst, including the Safe Babies, Safe Moms initiative funded by the Clark Foundation as well as the Adverse Event Reporting System project funded by the FDA. During their time at the University of Maryland, Mx. Vasilchenko was a part of the College Park Scholar's Science, Discovery, and the Universe program where they studied how to critically examine the reliability of scientific information and the efficacy behind conducting scientific research. Prior to their work at MedStar Health, they worked as a software engineer analyst at Accenture Federal Services and were on a contract with the Department of Education, Office of Federal Student Aid.