Andrew Y Lee MD


Andrew Y. Lee, MD

Andrew Y. Lee, MD, is an attending otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, with locations in Brandywine and Waldorf. He treats all conditions of the ears, nose, and throat, ranging from sinus and allergy-related disorders, to hearing loss, obstructive sleep apnea, voice disorders, and head and neck cancers. Dr. Lee specializes in treating disorders of the head and neck using a combination of open, endoscopic, and microscopic surgical techniques to provide the most appropriate and least invasive option. His clinical interests include sinus and allergy disorders, sleep surgery, salivary gland disorders, and thyroid and parathyroid disease.

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Modern sinus surgery: Chronic sinusitis and nasal polyp relief with less pain, shorter recovery.

by Andrew Y. Lee, MD
July 09, 2021

Every year, hundreds of patients visit our otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) providers to find relief from disruptive chronic sinusitis…