Seasonal Illness

Fast Facts for Parents About Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

MedStar Health January 23, 2019

Many parents are cautious to protect their children against seasonal illnesses, such as colds and the flu. However, a lesser-known…

Cold Versus Allergies: How to Tell the Difference and What Treatments are Available

B. Elizabeth Delasobera, MD, Medical Director, MedStar Health Urgent Care May 17, 2019

“Achoo!” It’s that time of year for seasonal allergies and sometimes the common cold, two of the most common illnesses…

Flu Season: Who Needs a Flu Shot, and How Does It Work?

Jasmeet Singh Bhogal, MD, MBA, Regional Medical Director, MedStar Health Urgent Care November 22, 2019

Cold weather is upon us—and, unfortunately, so is flu season. The flu, which is most common in the fall and…