MedSTAR Transport

MedSTAR Transport is MedStar Health’s fleet of four medevac helicopters and five ambulances. MedSTAR transfers about 10,000 patients per year to and from MedStar Health facilities, under the direction of our very own MEP physicians.

Air Transportation

MedSTAR Transport is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems and consists of four helicopters with bases strategically located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to transport any critical care cardiac patients, as well as heart and hand trauma patients.

The standard flight crew consists of a pilot, critical care nurse, and a critical care paramedic, all of whom are trained to handle the full spectrum of adult and pediatric critical care patients. The medical crews are required to maintain the following certifications

  • DC, VA, MD, DE state licensure
  • National Registry for paramedics

Our pilots are required to be helicopter-instrument rated, and have a Class 2 medical certificate, and a minimum of 2,000 total flight hours/1,500 helicopter flight hours/1,000 helicopter hours as pilot in command /100 hours of unaided night-flight time as PIC/500 hours of turbine time.

MedStar helicopter
MedStar Helicopter

Ground Transportation

MedStar Health owns 5 ambulances and also partners with All American Ambulance whose ambulance and medical transportation services include basic and advanced life support and specialty care transports into or out of any MedStar Health facility.

The ambulance units are staffed by state-certified emergency medical technicians, nationally registered or state-certified paramedics, and registered nurses. A wheelchair-van service is available for clients who require assisted transportation but not an ambulance.

The fully-equipped fleet meets applicable industry and regulatory standards and is maintained in accordance with industry guidelines and replaced/updated regularly.