Emergency Physicians

MEP Clinicians FAQS

ASAP requests

If system access credentials are needed, a system security request can be submitted while logged on to an in-site network: ASAP


Questions pertaining to benefit enrollment can be directed to a hotline number: 703-558-1300

Family medical leave and disability plans are directed to Matrix. Call 877-202-0055 or go to MatrixEServices.com to file a claim.

Continued Medical Education (CME)

MedStar Emergency Physicians offers an annual money allotment for CME.
Reimbursement receipts can be sent to [email protected] or faxed to 1-877-CME-MONY.
Account inquiries can be directed to Erin Dodd at [email protected] or 202-877-4343.



As a provider, your worked hours need to be tabulated as required by Medical Part B Reimbursement programs. Ebluesheets is an electronic system where your time commitment whether administrative, educational or clinical will be documented.
Complete timesheets under “missing timesheets” & “optional timesheets.”
Eight hours of V (vacation) needs to be added to each timesheet.

Antoine Russell can assist in account credentials & troubleshooting at [email protected] or 202-877-0533.

Fidelity Investments

MedStar has partnered with Fidelity to offer financial investment support to it’s’ employees. Please visit Fidelity or call 800-642-7131.

Licensure Agencies

Medical licenses renewals can be handled online:

DC License office

DC Controlled Substance

DC DEA office

Maryland License office

MD Controlled Substance

MD DEA office

Medical Staff Credentialing Offices

Each Medstar hospital has a medical staff office to assist in initial credentialing and on-going reappointment of medical privileges:

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Brenda Boblitz
Phone: 443-777-7410
Fax: 443-777-7558
[email protected]

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Charles Annor
Phone: 202-444-2127
Fax: 202-444-2316
[email protected]

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
Danieka Lottier-Kondeh
Phone: 443-444-3904
Fax: 443-444-4859
[email protected]

MedStar Harbor Hospital
Carolyn Luther
Phone: 410-350-3488
Fax: 410-350-2027
[email protected]

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Kellie Gilchrist (MDs)
Phone: 410-554-2281
[email protected]

Janelle Anthony (PAs)
Phone: 410-554-2283
[email protected]

Fax: 410-554-2505

MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center
Amber Matthews
Phone: 301-877-4536
Fax: 301-877-0911
[email protected]

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Karin Chisley
Phone: 202-877-5423
Fax: 202-877-0876
[email protected]

National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Certification exams and certification maintenance for physician assistants as required upon entry into practice and throughout career. For information on attaining or recertifying a Certification of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in Emergency Medicine, please contact Betsy Weaver at [email protected].


Corporate payroll inquiries: 410-933-2330

MEP payroll inquiries: Tassia Prosper 202-243-2597

Electronic paystubs are available at www.epaystubs.org.


Human resources utilize a database to securely store your personal information. PeopleSoft or “Employee Self-Service” is a self maintained employee file. Functions include but not limited to: change or address / name, change of tax deductions, direct deposit, and W2 form. Payroll and compensation history is also available. Accessible while logged on to in-site network: click here

Clinical apparel is funded through an initial hire package followed by an annual allowance. Order from Clayton Kendall and submit reimbursements to [email protected] or fax to 1-877-CME-MONY.