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Scientific Advisory Board

MedStar Health – Georgetown University
Scientific Advisory Board Members

Executive Sponsors   
Stephen Evans, MDExecutive Vice President, Medical Affairs & Chief Medical OfficerMedStar Health[email protected]
Edward Healton, MDExecutive DeanGUMC[email protected]
Robert Clarke, PhD, DScDean for ResearchGUMC[email protected]
Neil J. Weissman, MDPresident, MHRI
Professor of Medicine, GU
MHRI[email protected]
Waddah Al-Refaie, MDChief of Surgical Oncology, GUH Surgeon in Chief, LombardiMedStar GUH[email protected]
Vanita Aroda, MDScientific Director, MedStar Community Clinical Research CenterMHRI[email protected]
Michael Atkins, MDDeputy Director, LombardiGUMC[email protected]
Barbara M. Bayer, PhDChair Neuroscience & Sr. Assoc. Dean BMEGUMC[email protected]
Stephen Byers, PhDProfessor, Associate Director for Shared Resources, Molecular OncologyGUMC[email protected]
Elliott Crooke, PhDSr. Assoc. Dean, Faculty AffairsGUMC[email protected]
Alexander Dromerick, MDDirector, Neuroscience Research Center MedStar NRN[email protected]
Rollin (Terry) Fairbanks, MDDirector, SiTELMI2[email protected]
Dawn Fishbein, MDScientific Director, Viral Hepatitis Research
Director, MedStar Research Clinical Research Unit
Co-Director, PCIR Component, GHUCCTS
MedStar WHC[email protected]
Thomas M. Fishbein, MDProfessor, Depts. Surgery and Pediatrics
Executive Director, Georgetown Transplant Institute,
Director, Liver Diseases and Transplant Program
MedStar GUH[email protected]
Priscilla A. Furth, MDAssociate Dean, Faculty DevelopmentGUMC[email protected]
Cheryl Iglesia, MDSection Director, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
Professor, Depts. Ob/Gyn and Urology
MedStar WHC[email protected]
Paul J. Kim, DPMAssociate Professor, Center for Wound HealingMedStar GUH[email protected]
John Kraemer, JD MPHAssistant Professor, Department of Health Systems Administration/O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law and African Studies ProgramGeorgetown University[email protected]
Stuart Levine, MDVice-Chairman, Department of MedicineMedStar GSH[email protected]
Bruce A. Luxon, MD, PhDChair, Department of Medicine
Chief of Service, Department of Medicine
GUMC/MedStar GUH[email protected]
Subha Madhavan, PhDDirector, Clinical Research Informatics, LombardiGeorgetown University[email protected]
Michelle F. Magee, MDDirector, MedStar Diabetes InstituteMHRI[email protected]
Phyllis Magrab, PhDProfessor, Pediatrics (GUCCHD)Georgetown University[email protected]
Jamie Padmore, DM, MScVice President, Academic AffairsMedStar Health[email protected]
David J. Perry, MDMedical Director, Clinical ResearchMedStar WHC[email protected]
Deborah Perry, PhDDirector of Research and EvaluationGeorgetown University[email protected]
Raj M. Ratwani, PhDScientific Director, National Center for Human Factors in HealthcareMI2[email protected]
Jennifer E. Rosen, MDChief of Endocrine Surgery
Vice Chair for Research, Department of Surgery
MedStar WHC[email protected]
Kathryn Sandberg, PhDProfessor and Vice Chair of Research, Department of Medicine
Director, Graduate Studies in Physiology,
Director, Center for the Study of Sex Differences in Health, Aging and Disease
Georgetown University[email protected]
Nawar M. Shara, PhDDirector, Department of Biostatistics and EpidemiologyMHRI[email protected]
Ira Shoulson, MDDirector, Program for Regulatory Science & MedicineGeorgetown University[email protected]
Jeffrey W. Shupp, MDDirector, Burn CenterMedStar WHC[email protected]
Kelly M. Smith, PhDDirector, Quality and SafetyMHRI[email protected]
Mike Stoto, PhDProfessor of Health Systems Administration and Population HealthGeorgetown University[email protected]
Sandra M. Swain, MDAssociate Dean for Research Development
Professor of Medicine
GUMC[email protected]
Allen J. Taylor, MDChief, CardiologyMedStar GUH/MHRI[email protected]
Jason G. Umans, MD, PhDScientific Director, Core Research LaboratoryMHRI[email protected]
Joseph G Verbalis, MDProfessor, Medicine and Physiology
Division Chief, Endocrinology and Metabolism
GUMC[email protected]
Louis Weiner, MDDirector, Lombardi Comprehensive CancerGeorgetown University[email protected]
Mary Young, MDDirector, HIV Women’s ProgramGeorgetown University[email protected]