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Becky Montalvo


Becky Montalvo serves as Executive Director of Scientific Core Services at MedStar Health Research Institute, providing comprehensive program leadership and oversight of research support throughout MedStar Health and in partnership with numerous external academic and business collaborators.  Core Services investigators provide robust support of research development and implementation of basic science, translational science, and clinical research activity to well over one hundred investigators per year.

Becky brings more than 30 years of clinical research experience, including over 25 years of leadership experience with program creation and expansion. Prior to her current role, she has served in other Senior Leadership roles within MHRI as Executive Director of MedStar Community Clinical Research Center and Executive Director of Oncology Clinical Research. Coming from Loma Linda University Medical Center in California, Becky joined MedStar Health Research Institute in 1998 as a clinical research manager for Oncology Research. Under her tenure, MedStar Health experienced a marked increase in oncology research activity, with significant improvement in program evaluations and fiscal operations.  Additionally, while at Loma Linda, she designed a research management database, and at MHRI, created the Research Brings Hope® campaign, which promotes awareness and importance of clinical research.

Becky was a founding member of the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA), as well as numerous other professional affiliations, leadership and committee work, publication and presentations.