Rachel M. Wynn

Rachel M. Wynn, PhD, is a postdoctoral research fellow in MedStar’s National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare. In this position, Dr. Wynn uses her expertise in cognitive psychology to collaborate with research teams to create innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

Dr. Wynn has experience with all parts of the research process, from identifying questions and appropriate experimental designs to analyzing data and communicating the results. At the National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare, she applies her knowledge and expertise to conduct research into efficient solutions to patient care problems. Dr. Wynn’s previous experience includes work as a research fellow in the Mayo Clinic’s Human Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory and as a graduate research assistant at George Washington University.

Some of Dr. Wynn’s current research is focused on applying human factors research to further patient and family-centered care, investigating the impact of interruptions on interpretation of chest radiography, and integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches to improve the clinical utility of predictive models in chorioamnionitis.

Dr. Wynn is a student member of the Vision Sciences Society, the Psychonomic Society, and the Association for Psychological Science. An experienced presenter, she has presented her research on topics including heuristic usability evaluation of molecular diagnostic reports in  cancer, individual differences in susceptibility to irrelevant environmental influences in prediction of visual search performance, and the lingering effects of response inhibition.

Dr. Wynn earned her PhD in Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience at George Washington University, where she focused on executive function processes that allow goal-oriented behavior.

Research Interests

Dr. Wynn’s research interests include the following:

  • Executive functions
  • Cognitive control
  • Working memory
  • Theory of mind

Selected Research

Advancing Guideline Implementation Through a Learning Engine for Clinical Decision Support (AGILE CDS)

Dr. Wynn will be participating in research activities for this Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality-sponsored project.

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  • Research Areas
  • Health Services/Quality/Outcomes
  • Neuroscience