Stephanie A. Detterline

Stephanie A. Detterline, MD, is an internal medicine physician and vice-chair of Education in the integrated Department of Medicine at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital (MUMH) and MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. She currently serves as the program director of the combined internal medicine residency program of the two hospitals. In addition, she is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. 

Dr. Detterline is interested in patient-physician communication, factors influencing resident career choice, and determinants of positive patient experiences. As chairperson of the Medical Student Activities Committee, she oversees and evaluates medical student involvement and satisfaction with clinical rotations and research in the Department of Medicine.

She serves as a preceptor in the Summer Research Program sponsored by MUMH for medical school students from the University of Maryland and Georgetown University. Dr. Detterline has been honored with the Golden Apple Teaching Award from MUMH, and she was selected to participate in the MedStar Leader of the Future Physician Leadership Development Program. She is a member of the Patient Satisfaction Working Group, the MedStar Medical Group Operations Improvement Subcommittee, and the Georgetown University Medical Center – MedStar Educational Advisory Board.

Dr. Detterline has authored or co-authored two book chapters, one on community-acquired pneumonia and the other on evaluation of the patient with head and neck cancer. Additionally, her research has been published in the Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives and BMC Infectious Diseases. Dr. Detterline is board certified in internal medicine. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians, and she is a member of the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine.

Her medical degree is from Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, and she completed an internship and residency at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, IL.

Research Interests

Dr. Detterline’s research interests include

  • Medical education
  • Patient-physician communication
  • Effect of the use of interdisciplinary teams on communication and accessibility to patients
  • Determinants of positive inpatient experiences
  • Effect of residency training on residents’ physical and mental health
  • Patient handoff during transitions in care.

Selected Research

Patient Evaluation of Resident Physicians’ Communication Skills

Dr. Detterline is an investigator on this study of communication skills among resident-level physicians. In this study, the Communication Assessment Tool is being used to survey patients about their experiences with their resident-level physicians. This tool evaluates communication metrics and has been validated and used extensively in the ambulatory setting. This study is novel in that this tool is being used in the inpatient setting.

The Residents’ Health Study

Patients perceive physicians who practice healthful personal behaviors as more credible and better able to motivate patients to make healthful lifestyle choices. Such physicians are often more confident in their knowledge of current exercise guidelines and can pass along their enthusiasm for physical activity. There is concern that a pronounced decline in fitness may occur during the residency period. Dr. Detterline is an investigator on this study, which is designed to evaluate whether physical health and fitness decline during residency training and to determine the magnitude of change and what factors, such as post-graduate year, gender, stress, race, socioeconomic status, and previous level of fitness and dietary habits/overweight status, may contribute to the observed changes.

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  • Medical Education
  • Primary Care/Pediatrics